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Superman Cartoon Wallpaper 

batman.jpg (41293 bytes)
Batman saves Superman
This one is from the Super Friends Episode "Secret Origins of the Super Friends". Batman goes back in time to make sure the Legion of Doom doesn't tamper with Superman's rocketship.

krypto_dog.jpg (70969 bytes)
Krypto the cartoon series
New Cartoon show featuring Superman's dog Krypto. If you look to the left you'll see Batman's dog Bat Hound.

krypto.jpg (34220 bytes)
Krypto the Superdog

krypto_cartoon.jpg (82037 bytes)
Superman's dog Krypto

krypton.jpg (66364 bytes)
The Planet Krypton
Super Friends Episode "Secret Origins of the Super Friends" The planet Krypton about to explode

super-baby.jpg (71064 bytes)
Pinky and the Brain discover Superman's rocket

live-wire.jpg (191811 bytes)
Superman the Animated Series Livewire

lobo.jpg (196433 bytes)
Superman the Animated Series Lobo

wb-superman.jpg (90147 bytes)
WB Superman ad

super-friends.jpg (90355 bytes)
Super Friends Wallpaper

These Wallpaper I put together from the rare Ruby Spears 1980's Superman cartoon series that ran on CBS for only one season. The show's quality was actually pretty good, and I think it was unfortunate it didn't get a good run like the Super Friends.

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