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Toshiba 20AF43 20" Flat Screen TV
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Toshiba 20AF43 20" Flat Screen TV
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Editorial Review:

Product Description:
Make the switch to DVD or satellite-based home theater with this Toshiba 20" TV with FST Pure Flat Screen. You'll enjoy vivid clarity, improved viewing angles, enhanced color and great stereo sound. Features: 4:3 aspect ratio; 2 speakers; 5 watts per channel; 3-line digital comb filter; invar shadow mask; scan velocity modulation; channel labeling; last-channel recall; Multilingual menu (English, Spanish, French); parental controls (V-Chip, channel lock, GameTimer); remote control; SAP; sleep timer; simulated surround sound; 1 stereo analog audio output; 3 stereo analog audio inputs; 1 composite video output; 2 composite-video inputs; 1 ColorStream component-video input, 1 S-video input; and headphone jack. View larger image for cable hook-up guidelines. Total Dimensions: 19Lx23-1/5Wx17-3/5H”. Weight: 50-3/5 lbs.
Enjoy vivid, high-contrast pictures from Toshiba's 20-inch FST PURE flat picture tube. Affordable, stylish, and loaded with features, the 20AF43 makes a great upgrade to a DVD or satellite-based home theater. The set's FST PURE flat tube eliminates intrusive reflections from ambient light relative to conventional CRT designs and broadens the angles from which the screen may be viewed.

The 20AF43's three-line digital comb filter and vertical contour correction further enhance resolution by removing blurred edges between colors and reducing dot crawl (tiny, moving dots of color along a sharp color separation in a vertical line, as in a depiction of a character's striped T-shirt).

Meanwhile, velocity-scan modulation improves the definition at picture edges, creating sharper images by slowing the CRT (cathode-ray tube) beam's horizontal scanning during demanding work--say, when rendering transitions from light to dark parts of an image--and speeding it up when scanning easily rendered sections, like broad dark areas. Another technology, black-level expansion, improves contrast (which results in a sharper, more three-dimensional picture).

The set provides stereo reception (with five watts per channel) and SAP (second audio program), which is often used to broadcast an alternate-language track. The 20AF43 derives a heightened sense of stereo separation from its double-baffle speaker system, and BBE High-Definition Sound improves speech intelligibility and restores the dynamic range of compressed musical passages.

A ColorStream component-video input provides the ultimate picture quality from interlaced component-video signals; standard composite-video inputs accommodate all DVD players and most other video sources. You get two sets of rear AV inputs (one with S-video) as well as one set of front AV inputs for easy connection with a camcorder or gaming console. A rear AV output lets you hook the set up with a surround receiver. The 20AF43 also features V-chip parental controls, a sleep timer, channel lock, GameTimer, and a glow-in-the-dark universal remote control.

What's in the Box
Television, remote control, batteries, user's manual, warranty information.


  • 20-inch CRT set with standard 4:3 aspect ratio and high-contrast flat tube; 23.25 x 17.5 x 19 inches (W x H x D)
  • 3-line digital comb filter and Vertical Contour Correction enhance color clarity
  • ColorStream component-video input offers optimal connection from a compatible DVD player or satellite receiver
  • Front AV input accommodates camcorder or gaming console
  • Stereo reception with SAP, 5 watts per channel, and BBE High-Definition Sound (improves speech intelligibility)
Average Rating: none

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