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Panasonic RX-D29 CD / Radio / Cassette Boombox with MP3 CD Playback
 Find out more information for Panasonic RX-D29 CD / Radio / Cassette Boombox with MP3 CD Playback below.   In association with Amazon

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Panasonic RX-D29 CD / Radio / Cassette Boombox with MP3 CD Playback
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Editorial Review:

Product Description:
Panasonic RX-D29 CD / Radio / Cassette Boombox with MP3 CD Playback
Whether you're after portability or simply a stereo system with a small footprint, Panasonic's RX-D29 CD/radio/cassette boombox is a worthy candidate. The system pumps 6 watts per channel through a pair of 2-way speakers, ,each of which uses a 3-inch woofer and a .5-inch tweeter. Enjoy your favorite tunes without interruption--you can play a CD at random, in a specified order, or repeat one song or the whole disc.

You can play your homemade MP3 music compilations, too. This unit is compatible with multi-session MP3 discs, but if there are a lot of sessions it will take more time for playback to commence. Albums and tracks will play in alphanumeric order, so number your files and folders to ensure a desired playback sequence. The boombox does not support MP3 song and album title display. If a CD-ROM-format CD contains MP3 and files other than MP3, only the MP3 files will be playable.

CD synchro start helps you record custom music mixes on cassette, and auto-scan tuning sets your presets for you (12 FM, 12 AM) when you power up for the first time. The unit even comes with a handy remote control to simplify operation from the comfort of your favorite listening position (remote requires 2 AA batteries, not included).

Full auto stop conserves batteries and cassette wear by shutting down when a tape reaches its end (or beginning, if you've just rewound), while CD cue and review controls help you zero in on just the section you're looking for.

Choose from 4 preset equalizer settings to tailor the sound to your preference (XBS bass boost, vocal, clear, or soft). A Sound Virtualizer circuit simulates surround sound from the boombox's 2 speakers. For MP3 listening, Panasonic's special Re-Master circuit reproduces the treble lost during MP3 compression, enabling reproduction close to the original.

The RX-D29 runs on either AC power (cord included) or 6 C-cell batteries (not included). Power backup using 3 AA batteries (not included) saves the current time, timer settings, and radio stations that you have set. If memory batteries are not used, memory items are erased if the unit loses power.

What's in the Box
Boombox, remote control, AC power cord, and a user's manual.


  • Toploading CD Player with multiple playback modes - also plays CDR and CDRW discs, including those burned with MP3 tracks
  • Digitally synthesizer tuner with 32 stations (20-FM/12-AM) preset memory & easy Auto Scan tuning
  • Front loading cassette tape recorder and player
  • Wireless remote includes full function control of XBS, CD, and Radio
  • Natural Surround Sound with Sound Virtualizer Circuit
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