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Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Season 4
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Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman: Season 4
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Product Description:

Lois & Clark: The Complete Fourth Season (DVD)

With a modern twist on the legendary superhero, this romantic action/adventure series brings to life the comic book characters Clark Kent; his superhuman alter ego, Superman; and Lois Lane, fiction's first lady of the press. Now, get ready for the most anticipated wedding of the century as Lois and Clark enter a new phase of their life together.

The third episode in Lois & Clark's final season is called, "Swear to God, This Time We're Not Kidding," but after what this series so maddeningly put its loyal fans through, Clark Kent (Dean Cain) could be forgiven for interrupting his nuptials to ask, "Look, everyone needs to know that this isn't some kind of evil genius-cloned-amnesiac fake out because there would be a riot." But no, viewers finally got what that they waited for so patiently; Clark and Lois Lane (Teri Hatcher) were married. But the honeymoon was short lived. The writers weren't through messing with viewers. In the next episode, "Soul Mates," Lois and Clark learn0--from H.G. Wells yet (Terri Kiser, reprising his role from season 2)--that they must first break an ancient curse that was put on their love before they can consummate their marriage. Both episodes are redeemed by blissfully romantic resolutions that more than make up for all the other nonsense. Marriage may have taken the sexual tension out of Lois and Clark's relationship, but it did not sap their considerable appeal. As professional colleagues and married partners, they work exceedingly well together, and Cain and Hatcher's palpable chemistry compensates for some not-so-super episodes. Not that the final season doesn't have its keepers. "Ghosts" features a nifty bit of stunt casting with Drew Carrey as a real-estate scam artist trying to scare Lois and Clark out of their apartment and his Drew Carrey Show nemesis Kathy Kinney as an actual ghost. The holiday episode "Twas the Night Before Mxymas" stars Howie Mandel as a havoc-wreaking imp who works a little Groundhog Day magic on Christmas. On a more dramatic note, there is a three-episode arc in which Lois is framed for murder. For Lois and Clark, first came love, then came marriage. As for what inevitably comes next, the final episode concludes this beloved series on an enormously satisfying note. --Donald Liebenson


  • Lois Lane and Clark Kent saved the best for last. In their final season, they finally get married. There are a few roadblocks along the highway to marital bliss: a worlds-at-war battle with Lord Nor; an adventure-packed encounter with the Wedding Destroyer, who believes folks are better dead than wed; and even wedding-night interruptus compliments of time-traveling H.G. Wells. But before or after
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