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Welcome to the tribute to Christopher Reeve fan art section.
On October 10, 2004 we lost Christopher Reeve who inspired us both on and off screen. He was Superman!

Superman Fan Art
  share your comments on this great loss

Christopher Reeve Newspaper Strip Tributes - see various tributes made right after Reeve's death.  Superman the Movie Wallpaper Christopher Reeve Movie Posters 
Christopher Reeve DVDs Christopher Reeve Images Gallery
Christopher Reeve Discussion  Christopher Reeve Figures

Click on the images for a larger version.

Death of a Superman

By Ed

A Man can Fly
Tony Reed wrote this great tribute caption to Christopher Reeve over the art work of Sebastian Colombo

I_shall_remember.jpg (139276 bytes)
I shall always remember
by Phil Gallant

wheel-chair.jpg (37777 bytes)
by Carlos Ayala

Tribute_to_Christopher_Reeve.jpg (224935 bytes)
Christopher Reeve Tribute

by Kirsty

Christopher Reeve
Azie from Brooklyn

reeve-art.jpg (62343 bytes)
Christopher Reeve Painting

by Adam Brooks 

Christopher Reeve with American Flag

christopher_reeve.jpg (89355 bytes)
In Memory of Christopher Reeve
by Robbie Peters

christopher_reeve.jpg (104410 bytes)
Christopher Reeve Passing the Shield

christopher-reeve-art.jpg (122041 bytes)
Christopher Reeve by
more by Sebastian Columbo
Post your opinion here!

never-forgotten.jpg (48543 bytes)
Gone but not forgotten

by Gasmaster

reeve.jpg (55647 bytes)
Christopher Reeve Portrait
Jack Stem

superman-flying.jpg (59022 bytes)
Superman Flying
by Arick Salmea

loving_memory.jpg (71129 bytes)
In Loving Memory
by Ed

In our hearts forever
Johanna from Sweden

Christopher Reeve Art Tribute
David Owens

Christopher Reeve and Superman Symbol
By Ricky Hayman

Christopher Reeve Drawing
Ed Eliason from Philadelphia

The Ascent of Chris

By Jim


Tyler Bingham

Christopher Reeve Red background wallpaper

There is another
[email protected]

Christopher Reeve

Tyler Bingham

Man can fly
Azie from Brooklyn

Gone but he will never be forgotten
Ed from Philadelphia

For more information on the Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation visit

Dana Reeve passed away at age 44 from lung cancer. She never smoked.