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Super Friends DVD Sets These are likely some of the most fun DVD sets to own if you grew up during the time they originally aired. It's great nostalgia that will bring you back to those good old Saturday mornings when the Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman ruled cartoon day, as I used to call it.

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The New Adventures of Superman 1966 Cartoon Set  Buy Now! These adventures were the first time that Superman (and his alter ego Clark Kent), Lois Lane and Perry White had been seen in animated form since they were immortalized in the iconic Superman short films of the 1940s.

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The first Superman to hit the movie screen was actor Kirk Alyn in two Superman movie serials.


Superman's Ten Greatest Teamups You've Never Heard Of.   |  Articles
Superman VS Muhammad Ali 1 | 2

This section of articles are by Mike from St. Augustine, Florida.


The 72-page All-New Collectors' Edition: Superman vs. Muhammad Ali retailed for $2.50 back in 1978 it's width and length were at least 3 times the normal size of a regular comic book.

Pairing the Man of Steel with real-life American icons was nothing new by the late 1970s. In fact, Superman had already been featured in print with the likes of Steve Allen, Bob Hope, Jerry Lewis, Allen Funt, Don Rickles, and John F. Kennedy. He had even gone up against a real-life athlete, the wrestler Antonino Rocca (Superman #155, August 1962).

Superman VS Muhammad Ali 1 | 2

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Supposedly, Ali only agreed to take part in the comic if his character is allowed to discover Superman's secret identity. The book suffered numerous delays, going from a publication date of fall 1977, to spring 1978, before it finally arrived on the stands in the fall of 1978.[3] Ironically, at the time the oft-delayed book was finally published, Ali was no longer World Heavyweight Champion, having been dethroned by Leon Spinks. (Ali promptly won back the title in September 1978.)

Superman vs Ali Cover click for larger image

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali's wraparound cover took full advantage of Adams' mastery of likenesses, rendering a host of late 1970s celebrities, including Frank Sinatra, Lucille Ball, Tony Orlando, Ron Palillo, the cast of Welcome Back, Kotter, and The Jackson 5; sharing close-up seating with Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, and other DC superheroes; as well as Warner and DC employees.

Joe Kubert was originally asked to draw the cover, and his version (a black-and-white sketch of which still survives) didn't feature any celebrities, but just a "normal" raucous crowd of boxing fans. DC didn't approve of Kubert's likeness of Ali, however, nor the overall grim feeling of the piece, and asked Adams to draw the book instead.[3] Adams' original cover illustration (modeled very closely on Kubert's layout), included Mick Jagger in the front cover's lower left corner; he was replaced in the final version by fight promoter Don King.[4]

In 2000, Adams did a riff on this cover featuring Ali fighting basketball star Michael Jordan for a special issue of ESPN The Magazine.

People in the crowd

"Show-biz personalities"

* Kirk Alyn
* Lucille Ball
* Sonny Bono
* Johnny Carson
* Cher
* Ron Howard
* Jack Larson
* Noel Neill
* Tony Orlando
* Donny Osmond
* Marie Osmond
* Christopher Reeve (in glasses)
* Wayne Rogers
* Frank Sinatra
* Raquel Welch
* Wolfman Jack

DC (and Mad magazine) characters

* Barry Allen (Flash)
* Batman
* Hal Jordan (Green Lantern)
* Lois Lane
* Lex Luthor
* Alfred E. Neuman
* Jimmy Olsen
* Diana Prince (Wonder Woman)
* Oliver Queen (Green Arrow)
* Ray Palmer (Atom)

Political figures

* Jimmy Carter
* Rosalynn Carter
* Betty Ford
* Gerald Ford

Sports figures

* Don King
* Joe Namath

Literature and the arts

* Kurt Vonnegut

DC staffers and other comic book creators

* Neal Adams
* Terry Austin
* Cary Bates
* William Gaines
* Jenette Kahn
* Gil Kane
* Dennis O'Neil
* Joe Orlando
* Julius Schwartz
* Joe Shuster
* Jerry Siegel
* Bob Wiacek