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From Sony Pictures Home Entertainment, THE BROOKE ELLISON STORY comes to DVD on May 24th. Produced and directed by Christopher Reeve, the film stars Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, John Slattery, and Lacey Chabert. Here is the synopsis: Paralyzed from the neck down by a devastating car accident, eleven-year-old Brooke Ellison and her family fight against all odds to help her live her dreams--including graduating with honors from Harvard University. A testament to the courage and determination of an unforgettable young girl and the family that stood by her, THE BROOKE ELLISON STORY is a deeply inspiring, often astonishing account of the triumph of the human spirit.


Here is the link to buy from Sony

Stars - Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, John Slattery, Lacey Chabert Director - Christopher Reeve Executive Producers - Christopher Reeve, Howard Braunstein, Michael Jaffe, Howard Meltzer Genre - Drama - Interview with the real-life Brooke and Jean Ellison - Widescreen Presentation - Bonus Previews - Subtitles: English - Audio: English Stereo

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