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Superman your on Candid Camera!

Candid Camera Wallpaper Image

Superman actually did star on the classic hit tv show Candid Camera, believe it or not, but it was not on television. Superman appeared on Candid Camera in Action Comics #345 in 1966.

For those of you who haven't heard of Candid Camera, it's the show that started around 1953 and starred Allen Funt. This show had people laughing at other people long before all those home video shows we see today. The premise was ordinary people got caught in ridiculous or embarrassing situations and the camera would catch it all. The unsuspecting person wouldn't know it until they heard " Smile your on Candid Camera!". 

In Action #345 Superman plays a Candid Camera stunt on Perry White by removing a building from it's foundation. Perry's reactions are all caught on camera. Later Clark gets caught on the show and it could spell the end of Superman's secret identity. Allen Funt sets up a fake robbery when Clark goes for the phone booth to change into Superman, Allen Funt grabs open the door and says "Smile your on Candid Camera" just as Clark is half dressed as Superman.

Luckily, Clark convinces Allen that he knew the robbery was a phony gag and was just trying to turn the tables on Candid Camera.

click for a larger readable version of this page from Action Comics