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story concept was based on Superboy Prime

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Superboy Prime
Superboy Prime's first appearance was in DC Comics Presents #87 (1985). The book has recently jumped up in value since Superboy Prime became a villain and murdered Conner Kent aka Superboy,  a clone of Superman, and Lex Luthor. 

superboy-prime.jpg (103377 bytes)
Then and now Superboy Prime image

infinite-superboy.jpg (145842 bytes)
Superboy Fight Image

Superboy Prime comes from Earth Prime, a world where Superman and Batman are only comic book characters. This Earth was originally meant to represent our Earth. A place where comic writers and artists had somehow channeled into other dimensions like Earth-1 and Earth-2.  After the Crisis on Infinite Earths all worlds were gone except for one which held Superman and the many other DC Comics heroes. This Earth was a combination of all Earths. Some heroes ceased to exist, while others, like most of the JSA second stringers, still existed, as long as there was not an Earth-1 counterpart.

Superboy-Prime was the adopted son of a family named Kent. He was teleported to Earth by Jor-El instead of riding a rocket to Earth. This Kal-El's Krypton was swallowed by it's own sun.  Naomi and Jerry Kent found him while doing some walking in a wooded area. Despite the cautioning of her husband over saddling a kid with the name Clark Kent in a world where that name is world famous for a comic book hero, Naomi names her newly adopted son Clark after her maiden name. Both are unaware of their new son's Kryptonian origins.

origin1.jpg (138793 bytes)
Krypton click for larger image

origin2.jpg (172609 bytes)
The Kents click for larger image

Instead of living on a farm, the family lives near a small town on the New England sea coast. This Clark's dad owns a successful computer business, and resembles Superman's appearance more than Earth-1's Jonathan Kent. While Naomi Kent  works in law, and bears a striking resemblance to Lana Lang.  

For years, young Clark lived as a normal boy, through his mid-teens. One night, while Clark was attending a costume party dressed as Superboy, his Kryptonian powers suddenly manifested themselves (with the passing of Halley's Comet and the beginning effects of the Crisis on Infinite Earths); at approximately the same time the Earth-1 Superman found his way into Earth-Prime's reality, and the two versions of Kal-El met.

origin3.jpg (138538 bytes)
image of Superboy Prime Origin

origin4.jpg (144779 bytes)
The meeting of Kal-Els

The Earth-Prime Superboy soon joined Superman in the fight against the Anti-Monitor, with Earth-Prime soon destroyed due to the effects of the Crisis. At the end of the conflict, with no home to return to, Superboy-Prime joined Alexander Luthor, Jr. of Earth-3 and the Lois Lane and Superman of Earth-Two in a "paradise dimension".

Infinite Crisis: Secret Files & Origins 2006 revealed life in this paradise dimension. Superboy Prime started to seclude himself from the others. He used the crystals to watch events from his life on Earth Prime. His favorite memory was his birthday party, which he watched over and over. Superboy Prime started to become frustrated and angry all the time. He reached out to Superman, but Lois's health drew most of  the Earth-2 Superman's attention. Alexander Luthor used this opportunity to persuade Superboy Prime to help him return to reality. He was hesitant until he overheard Superman say, "I wish this world would let him grow up. He'll never be Superman here". Alex also showed him his parents and his girlfriend Laurie in the new Earth dying in an accident.

Furious, Superboy Prime pounded on the barrier to our reality but was unsuccessful. A side effect to this assault on the universe were "ripples" that disrupted reality and caused history to repeat itself for several characters. This has been used to explain the recent revamps and strange events in DC Characters history like:

  1. Jason Todd was resurrected. 
  2. Superman's multiple origins, including The Man of Steel and Superman: Birthright.
  3. Hawkman's many incarnations and reincarnations. 
  4. Superman's death, resurrection, electrical powers and his return to normality at the hand of the Millennium Giants. Hal Jordan, Jonah Hex, Green Arrow, Donna Troy, Maxwell Lord, the Metal Men, and Batman were also affected in their comic book histories.
  5. The "first appearance" of the original Doom Patrol. They debuted years before, but recently reappeared as though they, along with the resurrected Elasti-Girl, were starting out as heroes for the first time. 
  6. Donna Troy's multiple origins after the first Crisis. 
  7. The various incarnations of the Legion of Super-Heroes since the first Crisis. 

Alex Luthor and Superboy Prime joined together to reek havoc in the DC universe. They put into effect a series of events that would lead to the Infinite Crisis storyline.

  1. Superboy Prime moved the orbit of Thanagar closer to Rannís, destroying its ecosystem and making the planet uninhabitable. This sparked the Rann-Thanagar War and moved the center of the universe away from Oa. 

  2. Alex posed as Lex Luthor and started the new Society of Super-Villains. 

  3. Alex recruited the Psycho-Pirate, who gave the Black Diamond of Eclipso to Jean Loring, who in turn seduced the Spectre into destroying all magic. 

  4. Superboy Prime destroyed the JLA Watchtower and took the Martian Manhunter. 

  5. Alex stole control of Brother Eye from Batman. This gave him control over the OMACs and Checkmate's files on all of Earth's meta-humans. 

Superboy Prime attacked the modern version of Superboy, Conner Kent.  Superboy Prime felt an intense jealousy against Conner. He felt as though he had been cheated out of his life that Conner seemed to enjoy. In the first battle DC Comics speedsters including Bart Allen and Wally West were able to whisk Superboy Prime away, but in the second battle Conner gave his all and died at the hands of the enraged Superboy Prime. He was, however, successful in stopping Alexander and Superboy from separating the Earth into a multi-verse once more.

war.jpg (176105 bytes)
Superboy War

superboy-rematch.jpg (158028 bytes)
Superboy Rematch

Webmaster note: You really have to wonder if there is some kind of metaphor here for a comparison between the classic Superboy who wears Superman's costume and the new Tom Welling Smallville hero. Conner Kent would seem to represent him with his jabs at Superboy Prime for wearing tight underwear, while Superboy Prime taunts Conner for not even having a cape.

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