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 Was Superman a Spy?: And Other Comic Book Legends Revealed

Superman vs. Hollywood: How Fiendish Producers, Devious Directors, and Warring Writers Grounded an American Icon


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Superman’s Health and Fitness Mission for President Kennedy

Back in 1963 very shortly before the assassination of John F. Kennedy, the Kennedy administration asked DC Comics to involve Superman into their health and fitness program. The project was cancelled after the death of JFK, but brought back after Johnson asked DC to publish the special story, which they did. For more on this piece of history!

Here's an excerpt from Superman: The High-Flying History of America's Most Enduring Hero," by Larry Tye, just out from Random House in paperback.

The author will be speaking around the country this spring/summer/fall, including a talk at LA's Skirball Cultural Center at 2 pm on June 2, 2013, with Jack Larson, Dick Donner and Geoff Johns.

One of my favorite comic book artists I grew up with was Superman artist Curt Swan. At the time I think I sort of took his work for granted always looking forward more to seeing someone's work like John Byrne for example, but now as an adult I really appreciate the clear crisp sort of classic look Swan brought to Superman comics. I really miss seeing his type of art, and the type of stories that accompanied those Silver Age stories.

The Life of Curt Swan in Comics
What makes a great Superman film?Just thoughts I originally wrote before the release of Superman Returns. A lot of fans felt Returns just didn't quite cut it, not like Superman the Movie starring Christopher Reeve. Hopefully, the new Man of Steel movie will capture that old magic, and here's a few things I hope they can keep in mind.

American Comic Books: Clash of Race and Culture During World War II

by Jerod posted at

Superman and the American Way

Explore why Superman and the American way are inseparable. What's the history behind Superman's never ending battle for truth, justice, and the American way?

Why Superman's mild mannered reporter disguise fools everyone!

 It was over 70 years ago when Superman arrived in Kansas from Krypton and was adopted by the Kents. The comic book character catapulted superheroes into American pop culture and become an instant classic. Today, the American icon’s signature costume and “S” symbol is more recognizable than any other superhero. more on Superman's Costume

Superman Doomsday the DVD
The ultimate comic book battle finally makes it way to your TV set in the new Superman Doomsday movie. We've got image, video clips, and more Doomsday links to check out.

Doomsday out on DVD September 18, 2007.
The Superman Art of the Greatest Comic Book Artist of All Time
A walk down memory lane from a few memorable images by comic book's greatest and most famous artists and creators from Joe Shuster to John Byrne, and even a picture of Superman teaming up with Little Orphan Annie.

 History of Supergirl
Since Kara Clark's cousin aka Supergirl is making her way to Smallville in season 7. I thought it might be a good idea to review the history of Supergirl. Who knows what little details in comic history might be important in getting the full enjoyment of this year's Smallville. So take a minute to read The History of Supergirl.


History of Bizarro
Get a clue before you watch the Season 7 premiere on the bizarre origins of Bizarro. Go from his first comic book origins in Superboy to Smallville the TV series plus lots of Bizarro images.

Superboy images, guest star list, and which episodes were the best and worst.

Is that cool or what!

Superboy Season One DVD Review and Episode Guide

Hollywoodland the Death of George Reeves by Ben Burgraff

Miramax is releasing "Hollywoodland"; the film actually got a lot of attention nearly two years ago, back when the film's title was "Truth, Justice and the American Way" (which Warner nixed), when photo captures of Kyle MacLachlan's screen test for Reeves appeared on the 'Net. more

Superman Returns Cashing In On An Old Legend
Superman fan Mike Cross writes about Superman Returns, Superman's past movies, and possible future projects for the Man of Steel.

infinite-superboy.jpg (145842 bytes)

Superboy Prime
Once there was a world with no superheroes. It was our world. Then came Superboy Prime right at the end of the Crisis on Infinite Earths. What is his origin? What caused him to murder modern Superboy, Conner Kent? The story from the hottest comic book mini series so far this decade.

Hollywood, Television, and 1950s Typecasting
How did it effect the biggest stars of the 1950's, George Reeves and Clayton Moore ,otherwise known to the world as Superman and the Lone Ranger?


There is a misconception that all it takes to play Superman is a good physique, an ability to pretend to fly and do superhuman stunts, and to act like a geek in glasses while playing Clark Kent.

Actually, Superman is a far more difficult role than actor must accept sixty years of the character being a part of the "national consciousness more

Explore great quotes from the days of George Reeves to Smallville

What are some of the most memorable Superman quotes from television and the movies ?  

Relive the Day of Doomsday

fortress.jpg (37517 bytes)

The season finale of Smallville has got some new fans wondering what all the talk is about the Fortress of Solitude. So to oblige the new fans and old who want to know a little more about Superman's home SupermanTV presents the history of the Fortress of Solitude.

Brooke Ellison DVD Release
New dvd is out featuring the work of Christopher Reeve. It's a true story about a  young woman who is paralyzed but manages to continue living her life.

Superman on Candid Camera?
It seemed appropriate since this is that we should talk about the time Superman made an appearance on one of the longest running shows in history Candid Camera. But how can a comic book character become a victim of a Candid Camera prank you ask? Click on the link above to find out.

What needs to be in the New Superman Movie
My ideas of what would make the ultimate Superman movie


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Television Shows
You've heard how everyone relates to Kevin Bacon somehow well these above sections presents pictures, posters, and photos of actors, actresses, and tv shows that somehow relate to Superman one way or another. Like what's To Kill a Mockingbird got to do with Superman or how about Star Wars? How about actors like Hugh Jackman? He plays Wolverine, but he also once donned the Superman suit.

 Was Superman a Spy?: And Other Comic Book Legends Revealed

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