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For all the Smallville News



Greatest Comic Covers
The Greatest Superman comic covers from 1970 -On

Ronald Reagan and comic super heroes in the 80's
Remember the fun times of the 80's when Superman and other heroes ran into the Gipper at least in the comics.

Superman Vs the Monsters

Supes takes on Frankenstein and Dracula!

Justice League Halloween

In 1972 Justice League #103 brought us the first battle between Captain Marvel and Superman as well as the first DC and Marvel Crossover or did it?
click JLA Halloween for the whole story.

Superman's Greatest Crossovers Voting

Origin of the Crossover
go back in time to the first time Superman teamed with other heroes and the first ever DC and Marvel teamups to the new JLA/Avengers and upcoming Superman and the Thundercats.

The original group of articles by Mike are
 Superman's Greatest Battles
This group of articles lists some of Superman's greatest battles and discusses what happened and also contains pics of these amazing confrontations.

Superman Shazam History

The Ten Greatest Teamups you've never heard of

Cover  article by Mike. cover was created by Mike and Chris from Florida

Television Shows
You've heard how everyone relates to Kevin Bacon somehow well these above sections presents pictures, posters, and photos of actors, actresses, and tv shows that somehow relate to Superman one way or another. Like what's To Kill a Mockingbird got to do with Superman or how about Star Wars? How about actors like Hugh Jackman? He plays Wolverine, but he also once donned the Superman suit.

 Was Superman a Spy?: And Other Comic Book Legends Revealed

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There's lots more comic book posters to browse through.

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