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What needs to be in the New Superman Movie
My ideas of what would make the ultimate Superman movie.

Another Announcement from the Cult TV Expo in Chicago
posted Jan 04, 2005

Cult TV Expo Superhero Celebration

A Special Announcement as a Special Door prize we will be giving away one of these Limited Edition Busts of Christopher Reeve each day of the convention 1 entry per admission.
Prize Donated By Dullam/Causey The Makers of our Exclusive Christopher Reeve Tribute Statue.

These will be Limited to a Total of 5 with each one signed and numbered by the Sculptors.

Cult TV Expo Presents Superhero Celebration
posted Jan 03, 2005

I got a email about an expo coming to the Chicago area sounds interesting -

Guests Announcement: Margot Kidder, Sarah Douglas and Jack O'Halloran
During the course of the show there will be drawings for various door prizes. One very special prize will also be given away each day!
These special prizes will not be unveiled until the show!

Major Announcement: At our show there will be a museum quality display of Lifesize Statues and Busts of Superhero and Comic Characters. There will also be an Exclusive Lifesize Statue of Christopher Reeve as Superman unveiled for the first time anywhere at our show Saturday Morning.

A small Preview of this event is now up on our website use the Special Event link or:

Friday February 4, 3-8
Saturday February 5, 10-7
Sunday February 6, 10-5

Robin Fan Trailer
In this short film clip, Dick Grayson (aka Robin) seeks out vengeance for Batman's murder, and gets in a fight with Superman. Great fan made film trailer!

Superman is 'greatest superhero' (BBC News)
posted Dec 18, 2004
Superman comes top of a public vote to find the greatest fictional superhero of all time.

Superman tops league of heroes (Press Association via Yahoo! UK & Ireland...
posted Dec 18, 2004
Superman has beaten his modern day challenger Mr Incredible to be voted the most popular superhero of all time.

Superman Again (WPMI 15)
It was 1978 or so and the promotion tag line promised you would believe a man can fly, but the hitch was what I believed was a man in a blue suit and red cape could hang by wires in front of a blue screen.

Kevin Spacey on the topic of Superman
posted November 18, 2004 has interviewed Kevin Spacey on the topic of Superman V.  He basically says he hasn't started working on the new Superman project, but has been approached to play Lex Luthor. He says he would love to work with Singer again, but has to work around a very busy schedule. More from 
Thanks to Eddie for sending us the link.

USA Today Article
posted Nov 08, 2004
USA Today has an article about the new Superman movie. The article comments that the movie will take up where Superman 2 left off and forget about it's two sequels. read the article

The Incredibles Incredible Box Office
posted Nov 08, 2004
The Incredibles first weekend racked up over 70 million dollars. The only other animated movie to do better than that so far has been Shrek 2. I'm personally hoping for a sequel. Awesome movie about a family of super heroes. The plot may vaguely remind you of a recent Batman storyline, but I want say which one. The Incredibles Posters

Lois and Clark to DVD in 2005
posted Nov 08, 2004
According to TV Shows on DVD Lois and Clark should be headed for DVD in 2005. Good news for Lois and Clark fans.

Imageworks to Create Superman Effects
Estimated to be around 800 shots
October 29, 2004

Iceman Shawn Ashmore as Jimmy Olsen and Brandon Routh signs 3 picture deal
October 26, 2004

New Movie Update Superman is cast
Director Bryan Singer has announced that little-known actor Brandon Routh will be the new Man of Steel. More on the new Superman from superherohype and
Also Bryan Singer has also publicly stated that he will use John Williams' music in the new Superman  film.  I'm personally happy about that decision.

Christopher Reeve Large Memorial Planned
posted Oct 20, 2004

Metropolis, Ill., Holds Vigil for Reeve

Christopher Reeve Dies at 52

Posted Oct 11, 2004

Christopher Reeve died Sunday of complications from an infection caused by a bedsore. He went into cardiac arrest Saturday, while at his Pound Ridge home, then fell into a coma and died Sunday at a hospital surrounded by his family, his publicist said. 

Movie Update
Looks bad for Caviezel being Superman and Zod actor may have something to do with the  new movie. check it out at Comicbookresources
posted Sept 27, 2004

Movie Lois Going to Smallville
posted Sept 15, 2004

James Caviezel may be Superman?
posted August 31, 2003
Chalk this one under rumor at this point but according to comic book writer Mark Millar said on his website James Caviezel from the Passion of the Christ is definitely Superman and the movie would be starting everthing from scratch. The movie will just be titled "Superman" . Nothing official has come from Warner Bros yet so we'll just have to wait and see.

Who is Auditioning for Pa Kent?
posted August 27, 2004
According to Cinescape 69 year old John Saxon from "Enter the Dragon" and Nightmare on Elm Street's Lieutenant Thompson.  Difficult shoes to fill for sure as Glenn Ford hit the nail on the head with his portrayal of Pa Kent in the original Superman movie. Of course John Schneider does a great job on Smallville every week.

Got any Superman news let me know with your source whether official source, web source, tv news, etc. email me at [email protected]

X3 Moves on without Bryan Singer
posted August 27, 2004
Thanks to the new Superman movie project that took over the attention of director Bryan Singer, X3 looks like it will be made with another director. more at

New Superman Movie Casting
posted August 20, 2004
Apparently, a lot of people are trying out for the new Superman flick from unknowns to the stars, including Tom Welling of Smallville. According to Superman-V it looks like Tom has agreed to play Superman, but he still faces some stiff competition including James Caviezel from the movie Passion of the Christ , this years big hit. Also IESB talked to "Big Brother" star Nathan Marlow who confirms he too has tested for the role of 'Superman." "I auditioned for the role of Superman, you know it's kind of funny, I went in there and Jake Gyllenhaal was right in front of me and Josh Hartnett was coming in after me.
What do you think? Post it on the board.

Movie Update
posted August 12, 2004 now says the producers are going to be Jon Peters & Gilbert Adler. I was really hoping Christopher Reeve and Richard Donner were going to be involved.  The good news is things look to be shaping up pretty fast. As a nationwide casting call for Superman is underway. Apparently the idea must be to get an unknown. 

However,  last night night on Fox News they mentioned that the man who starred in the Passion of Christ,  James Caviezel was pursuing the opportunity to play the Man of Steel.  He is definitely a good actor. He did a wonderful job on Passion of Christ, and the Count of Monte Cristo a couple of  years back.

More Good Movie News
posted July 29, 2004
I just checked out superherohype and according to them released information that Richard Donner could be producing the new Superman movie and that Christopher Reeve might also have a hand in production. On top of the news Bryan Singer is directing, this is just too good to be true, but let's hope that it is. At the time I'm writing this I was unable to read the entire article from A strange error page claims the account has been canceled. Hopefully it will be back up soon. If anybody knows anything more please post it on the message board

World's Finest Fan Trailer
posted July 29, 2004
The guy that brought you Batman: Dead End short film in 2003 has released his own Superman Batman trailer. Check it out at which has info and a link to view the trailer.

More on Bryan Singer and the new Superman Project from USA Today
posted July 20, 2004

Superman Returns courtesy of X-men's Bryan Singer
posted July 18, 2004
According to superherohype the guy behind making the X-men movies will be taking over the Superman project. I've also read from Ain't it Cool News that it will not be an origin story, but will somehow use the Superman universe of the Christopher Reeve films, thus the title Superman Returns.  This is definitely great news. I just hope it doesn't hurt the X-men 3 movie, but at least Superman is looking promising finally.  With the success of Spiderman this month a Superman movie is inevitable at this point. Their is no way Warner Bros is going to just let Superman sit out on what could be a grand opportunity for huge box office gold.  Talk about it on the message board

Marlon Brando Dies at age 80 1924-2004

posted July 02, 2004
Marlon Brando was best known to Superman fans as the actor who portrayed Jor-El in the Superman movie. Combined with the star power of Gene Hackman, Brando's signing on to the movie gave the movie project a feeling it was going to be a blockbuster. Brando at the time was given a record sum for the amount of time he was on screen. According to the Superman Trivia Page, he was given $4 million for his ten minutes.  more on Brando's Death from yahoo

Ronald Reagan and comic super heroes in the 80's
posted June 15, 2004
Remember the fun times of the 80's when Superman and other heroes ran into the Gipper at least in the comics.

Seinfeld and Superman
posted May 12, 2004
reports that NBC will air "The Adventures of Seinfeld & Superman" on May 20 from 8:44-9 p.m. Superman and Seinfeld partner with American Express. The show is based on Seinfeld's current web series with which he pals around with Superman. Check it out .It's pretty good.  go here for the Superman Seinfeld webisodes

New Time Magazine Article Read first 
posted May 12, 2004

My Opinion on Superman movie
New Time Magazines article talks about the movie problems and the need for Superman to be more human and darker like other modern heroes. Read the article for yourself, but personally,  I completely disagree with the notion Superman needs to be darker. I completely agree his human side needs to be shown in the comics. It's called characterization. But we have enough dark dread kind of heroes. Superman is my favorite for his optimistic, good old American, and small town personality. If you want to know what the perfect Superman is watch the first movie. It hits the nail on the head like no other movie, tv show or comic since,  especially the the first half of the movie and the Smallville sequence.  

Make a Superman movie already, just think about who Superman is. He's about truth, justice, and the American way. He's been brought up by a kindly couple with small town U.S.A. values. He doesn't live in the world of political correctness. He lives in the world of do unto others and you would have them do unto you. He fights to do the right thing and protect the innocent for the greatest of reasons. It's the right thing to do, and that's how he was brought up. Enough heroes, and I like their stories just not as much, are driven by revenge and anger.  You want conflict, the biggest conflict is the one between the hopeful and the disillusioned.  Let's see in the comics and movies the conflict between the ideals of Superman and the rest of the world. Now that might lead to some interesting stories.

More on JLA Avengers

Here's the latest  I've received from an email about the next JLA Avengers
posted March 18, 2004

This information is not official but comes from a reliable source.

The release of JLA/AVENGERS number 4 has been pushed back to March 31st to try and be prepared for the over whelming demand that will be following up to the final issue. It is rumored that there will be a few signed George Perez copies circulating out there and that the demand and back order is so over whelming that they're trying to be prepared for the tremendous demand, making this the most anticipating and perhaps best selling comic of all time, and the final rumor has it may also carry into a fifth and final issue as well to keep a cliff hanger for a possible sequel for as early as 2006, with Perez as the return artist, but to also write along with co-artist/writer John Byrne and co-writer Dan Jurgens as a possible plot suggester, Len Wein as editor and Alex Ross/Neal Adams as conciliated to grace the cover, making it Neal Adams first line of work in years.

Superman movie, well it play on the big screen?
Source:, Mark Millar posted Feb 27, 2004
You thought you were confused about all this Superman mess? Here's some additional items that will only make it worse. 'Krisboyuk' pointed us to two 'possible' updates about the Superman production. First up,
Owen Paterson's agents have confirmed he is still on Superman "Owen still is the production designer for Superman. He has gone to Australia, because that's where they plan on shooting."
Our 16/2/04 update asked to look at things in two ways - it appears the latter is true. The move to Australia is happening and expect a whole new crew to appear. With the new rewrites happening hopefully the Australian Superman production will finally deliver.
Jon Peters and McG are still in the mix with McG's agents revealing the situation is still the same with Mr McGinty "Nothing has been confirmed, right now."

But comic book writer Mark Millar claims production on Superman is a no-go.
Trust me, McG is not getting anywhere NEAR this ****ing thing. He (and others) are talking about this as a means of rejigging their careers. No actress is being seriously considered for Lois and nobody is being auditioned for Supes because there is NO MOVIE, folks. Here's the scoop...
The movie is already something like 50 mill in debt because of all the false-starts. It's a HUGE problem because they want big stars, big effects and a big budget and this would push you to the 250, 300 million mark. This ain't gonna happen, especially with someone as choppy as McG and that ****ing awful script kicking around. A chum of mine, like I've said, has been making calls and taking meetings very quietly, has a few things he has to finish first and plans to get moving on this around 2006. Believe NONE of this bull**** you're reading because Beyonce, etc, etc, is just all pish. The real deal is still two years away from even seriously starting work on this so the flick isn't going to be seen until around 2007 at the earliest. There'll be possibly two Batman pics before the next Superman.


Peterson Still Sweet on Batman vs. Superman
Source: Variety posted here Feb 27, 2004
Variety article talking about X2 co-writers Dan Harris and Michael Dougherty scripting "Ender's Game" and "Ender's Shadow" into a film for Warner Bros. and director Wolfgang Petersen, some interesting bits on Batman vs. Superman and X-Men 3

As Petersen preps "Troy," he hasn't locked his next movie. He's still sweet on "Batman vs. Superman" and is also developing "Shutter Island," the recent bestseller by "Mystic River" author Dennis Lehane.

Beyonc Confirms She's Up for Superman! Source: Extra
Posted Feb 11, 2004
singer/actress Beyonc Knowles herself has confirmed that she is up for the role of Lois Lane in McG's Superman.
She tells Extra, "I hope so. Everyone pray that happens for me." Don't believe it? Click the link and read the article or watch the video.
We also broke the news that Johnny Depp is up for the role of Lex Luthor, we'll keep you updated on that as well. Beyonc? will open Sunday night's Grammy Awards with Prince.

JLA Avengers #4 due soon
posted Feb 03, 2004

More on JLA Avengers

 Looney Tunes Back in Action Movie
Brendan Fraser
the star who has been considered for the part of Superman does a Superman like stunt on the new Looney Tunes Movie. Which by the way I took my kid to this movie and we both died laughing. Batman and the Batmobile also make an appearance, and  Scooby Doo and Shaggy make a cameo as well. Do yourself a favor and check out this great family flick. It Rocks. 

The REAL Superman Talks to Barbara Walters Friday Source: USA Today Thursday, November 13, 2003
USA Today says that Christopher Reeve will talk about being paralyzed since 1995, the progress he's made, and what people can do to help research.
Paralyzed actor-director Christopher Reeve Friday will speak publicly for the first time without the use of a mechanical ventilator, thanks to a "lung pacemaker" operation performed in February.
Relying on electrode implants to breathe normally and foregoing a ventilator for up to 18 hours a day, he hopes to bring attention to spinal cord research in a taped interview with Barbara Walters on ABC's 20/20 at 10 p.m. ET.
Since the operation, Reeve has been able to breathe through his mouth and nose ? for the first time in eight years ? for longer and longer periods of time, relying only on an implant powered by an external battery. A 1995 spinal injury paralyzed Reeve. He has since emerged as a prominent advocate for medical research.

You can read more of the article at the link above and more on the broadcast is up at ABC News. .Monika

Brendan Fraser Talks Superman Movie
posted Oct 27, 2003

USA Weekend has conducted an indepth interview with actor Brendan Fraser. Amongst the interview is the following paragraph regarding his position regarding the up-coming Superman movie...Superman would be both interesting and heroic, and Fraser is giving thought to playing him. "I'm not sure that film is going to get made, so stay tuned," he says. But he might like the role if the timing is right. The problem? "The actor who plays that role is forevermore identified as that character. Is it right for me? I don't know."
And also Vin Diesel as Lex Luthor? Dark Horizons reports that Vin Diesel appears to be in talks to star as Lex Luthor in the up-coming Superman movie. The rumor  seems to also think that the role of Lois Lane is down to a choice between Selma Blair and Drew Barrymore. Another interesting thing to note is that the reporter of this rumor indicates that the name of the film is "Superman: Last Son of Krypton"..."Heard that Vin Diesel - as Luthor - has met with McG and Jon Peters about Superman. Diesel turned down a couple of films lately - "xXx 2" for one - and someone I know seems to think it's because he'll be booked out for a good year or so on Superman LSOK. BUT... there's another stumbling block, McG has plans to do another movie first. I don't think he or anyone else associated is very interested in it anymore - yes THAT many people have met for Superman. It's been ongoing. The only difference now is that they might have an idea where they'll film, they've got a script, they've got a director and they've got a potential Lois [Selma Blair and Drew Barrymore fighting for it]. You really think Vin Diesel's going to put up with all the delays?"As always, take this rumor with a grain of salt. Nothing is official until we hear an announcement direct from Warner Bros.
thanks to Monika 

New Superman !

Henry Cavill

The young British actor Henry Cavill will be the fifth live-action Superman?! That's what the makers of the new Superman movie seem to want. for more go to
S U P E R M A N - V . C O M

Superman Movie General Discussion

Director McG Gives a Superman Update
posted Oct 11, 2003

During a press conference for the upcoming "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle" DVD, director McG gave an update on the Superman movie.
"I'm a big fan of 'Superman,' and you know, I'm discussing it with Warner Brothers, but it's still very uncertain," he said. "It's a big project and they're being very cautious, and I'm being very cautious and it's yet to be seen if it's in the cards."
McG also addressed the issue of why Superman has had so many false starts. "I think they want to be very respectful of the crown jewel of, you know, all their franchises," he added about the studio. "It's a great character. And I think everybody who would ever be a part of that type of picture wants to get it done properly. So I don't think they're in any rush to make that picture, and I think their focus is on doing it right."


posted Oct 09, 2003
Superman-V has word on what exactly is going on with the McG/Peters Superman movie. Word from an uber-reliable source is that "they are still budgeting and JJ Abrams is doing a rewrite". to read more click over to  [ S U P E R M A N - V . C O M ]


Superman in the land down under?
posted Sept 30
Source- Ain't It Cool News - View Article Australian scooper The White Whale has heard some rumblings from within the local industry... It seems that SUPERMAN may be shooting at the Sydney Foxy Studios within about two months, and that set construction will begin within the month. What makes this rumor any more legitimate than the others? Crew persons are being slowly gathered? some of the approached ones are from the STAR WARS set. Monika

posted Sept 26
Rumored According to Superman Hype! - The latest Superman news and rumors Message boards There was some news about the man of steel.
According to Gameface posted this interesting bit of news on the Superhero Hype

I was watching the Red Sox via Nesn on satellite, and the two broadcasters on it were talking and they said "A bit of interesting news Fenway wise, this July, there will be a scene from the upcoming SUPERMAN movie being filmed here. I hear the schedule will be worked around this scene. The film is directed by Charlie's Angels McG and written by the creator of the TV show Alias." Well, that's cool.
The Abrams script features a scene with Supes landing Air Force One at the stadium.

Duncan Henderson Talks Superman Movie
posted Sept 26, 2003 chatted with Duncan Henderson, who is reportedly a Producer on the upcoming Superman movie. In the interview he gives an update on the project and responds to some of the recent rumors circulating around the Internet. For more go to to read the article beware spoiler's with in. Monika

Smallville Star sighting
Annette O'Toole and Michael McKean were seen at 2003 Dinner of Champions
at the Century Plaza Hotel September 25, 2003 - Beverly Hills, California

Super Museum Featured on Discovery Channel
posted Sept 26
According to Discovery Channel the "Would You Believe It" episode featuring the Super Museum in Metropolis Illinois, "Home of Superman" will air on Thursday, October 2nd at 8pm (Eastern Time) and repeated at 11pm that same night and again at 12-noon on October 4th. Check your local guide for any variations.
Discovery Channel :: Network Homepage

Superman, Mr. Christopher Reeve, who celebrates his 51st birthday today, Thursday, September 25. Happy b-day !!!!!!!

Superman movie date?
posted Sept 25, 2003
Source =S-V have received some info from the Oklahoma Film Commission who claim the WB are currently going through hundreds of location shots of around 10 locations for Smallville. Dino Lalli, the Head of The Oklahoma Film Commission, says that if they get the job the WB will be shooting in April/May 2004. The idea is to catch the harvest season and sunny weather. Monika

More Rumors on Superman and Supergirl Movies 
posted Sept 23, 2003
Zap2it rumor stating that Warner Bros. are trying to get the new Superman movie off the ground quickly so as to release it around the same time as the up-coming Batman movie.The rumor also states that Matthew Bomer and Brendan Fraser are the current front runners for the lead role in the film. Christopher Reeve has also reportedly been offered a cameo appearance in the movie.
In related news, the up-coming Supergirl movie is also showing signs of movement, with Alicia Silverstone back in the running for the lead role. Further rumors indicate that the WB want the director doing Superman to also take on the Supergirl movie.

M. Night ShyamalanThis is not confirmed.  M. Night Shyamalan is writing and directing this new Superman movie. McG and JJ Abrams are still attached to this film. SuperHeroHype has just reported on a new rumor regarding production on the Superman movie, which their source claims to be titled: "Kal-El: Genesis of Superman". Here's a quick excerpt from their report...Shyamalan's quite the Superman nut, having a two-foot statue of the Man of Steel in his office and writing the introduction for Alex Ross' upcoming "Mythology" book.M. Night, who's previous films include Sixth Sense, Unbreakable and Signs, is currently prepping The Woods (starring WB favorite Ashton Kutcher) meaning IF he came on to Superman, summer 2006 would be the earliest we could expect it. Remmber this are rumeros still but as always I well keep you informed.

Smallville Scouting Locations for the New Superman Tuesday, September 10, 2003  has posted some shots of an official scouting trip of locations for Smallville in the new Superman movie. Go to there site and enjoy some photo shots! Monika

Superman Movie Updates!! 
Source: Variety Sunday, September 7, 2003
Andy' pointed us to an article in Variety which talks about Superman, and the possibility of still seeing a versus movie. Here's clips from the article...
Warner execs and the long-delayed "Superman" is showing new signs of life.
Meanwhile, the studio has just received a new draft of the "Superman" script and is going through the budgeting process with helmer McG, following the departure of Ratner, who fell out over casting and other issues.
Though no deals are in place with McG and the pic does not have a greenlight, if Warners can get to a budget that works, the next step could be casting. If all goes well, "Superman" could see a 2005 or spring 2006 release.
Insiders say a final clash of the superheroes is still possible, but the studio is determined first to breath life into "Superman" a function of Horn and WB chairman-CEO Barry Meyer's mandate to build AOL TW's lucrative library gradually.

McG in Talks to Return to Superman 
Source: Variety Thursday, September 4, 2003
The rumor has been spreading pretty quickly that director McG was back on for Warner Bros. new Superman movie.
Now, Variety confirms the above by saying that he is in talks again to direct the film. Will the project get off the ground this time?
Col extends McG-Savage prod'n deal
Columbia Pictures has extended its first-look production deal with McG and Stephanie Savage's Wonderland Sound and Vision for an additional three years. The deal comes on the heels of McG reprising his helming duties on "Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle," the sequel to his 2000 feature directorial debut. "Throttle," released June 27, cost $120 million and has grossed $100.3 million domestically to date. Worldwide sales are roughly $250 million, according to the studio.


posted Sept 2, 2003
The fighting between director Brett Ratner and producer Jon Peters got so bad during the pre-production for "Superman" that were at the point of physical violence when Ratner finally quit the troubled flick, according to Esquire magazine. 

The major problem was the ballooning budget. "Superman" was originally supposed to cost around $180 million, but Ratner submitted a $225 million price tag, which doesn't even include the $50 million to $75 million required to market the movie. 

Hairdresser turned movie exec Jon Peters also argued with Ratner over who should be the film's leading man. The studio originally wanted Josh Hartnett but Ratner wasn't so keen on him and insisted on a screen test. Then he turned to Ashton Kutcher and Jude Law, both of whom turned him down, at least partly because the studio insisted on a three-picture deal. The search then shifted to B and C-grade "hunks" like Brendan Frasier, Paul Walker and soap star Matthew Bomer, who the studio nixed. By the time Ratner agreed to sign Hartnett, the "Hollywood Homicide" star didn't want the role of the Man of Steel. 

The two ended up in a shouting match and according to the Esquire article, "Peters later claimed that Ratner threatened him with an armed bodyguard." to which Ratner shot back: "I don't need a guard to pull a gun on someone." 

In April, Ratner finally "jumped before he was pushed" and quit the "Superman" team. Most industry-watchers doubt the cameras will ever roll on this project.

JLA Avengers is coming out in September 4, 2003. We'll get to see Superman fight alongside Marvel's greatest heroes.
More on JLA Avengers

Smallville soundtrack details  from Warner Bros

Posted June 25, 2003

Awesome news from .tvshowsondvd the Smallville First Season DVD is coming out September 23, 2003 with a list price of $64.92. This 6-disc set and has a running time of 954 minutes.
To the left is a picture of what the cover will look like.

 You can now Pre-order the Smallville First Season DVD at Amazon right now for $48.29

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