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Welcome to Superman Greatest Comic Book Cover Vote!
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Welcome to the second phase of the Superman Greatest Comic Book Cover election. We have eliminated DC Comics Presents # 1 and introducing Avengers/JLA # 4. Our champion so far has been the cover of Superman/ Fantastic Four hands down.  If you disagree then nows your chance to vote. If you believe its still the greatest cover,  it's time to vote again.

Cast your vote!

Extra George Perez JLA Avengers Wallpaper

voting booth

Superman/Fantastic Four #4
voting booth

The Death of Superman
voting booth

Crisis on Infinite Earths # 7 from 1985
voting booth

Superman #233 from 1971 "Kryptonite Never More"
voting booth

Limited Collectors Edition # C-58 Superman vs Shazam
voting booth

Batman #612
voting booth

Man of Steel mini series from 1986 issue #1
voting booth

Superman vs the Incredible Hulk from 1999
voting booth

Superman vs the Amazing Spider-man from 1976
voting booth

Cast your vote!

Free Vote Caster from Bravenet  


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