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 Welcome to the Smallville Fourth Season Episode Guide. Follow the links for a description, pictures and a list of music from each episode. 

 For other seasons go to the Smallville Episode Guide Home


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SEASON Four (2004-2005)
Episode Title
Air Date
67 Crusade Al Gough & Miles Milla Greg Beeman Sept 22, 2004
68 Gone Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson James Marshall Sept 29, 2004
69 Facade Holly Harold David Carson Oct 6 , 2004
70 Devoted Luke Schelhaas David Carlson October 13, 2004
71 Run Steven S. DeKnight David Barrett Oct 20, 2004
72 Transference Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer James Marshall Oct 27, 2004
73 Jinx  Mark Warshaw Paul Shapiro November 3, 2004
74 Spell Steven S. DeKnight Jeannot Szwarc  November 10, 2004
75 Bound Luke Schelhaas Terrence O'Hara  November 17, 2004
76 Scare Kelly Souders and Brian Peterson. David Carson December 1, 2004
77 Unsafe Jeph Loeb & Steven DeKnight Greg Beeman January 26, 2005
78 Pariah Holly Herold Paul Shapiro February 2, 2005
79 Recruit Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer Jean Szwarc February 9, 2005
80 Krypto Luke Schelhaas James Marshall February 16, 2005
81 Sacred Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders Brad Turner February 23, 2005
82 Lucy Neil Sadhu & Dan Sulzberg Greg Beeman March 2, 2005
83 Onyx Steven S. DeKnight Terrence O'Hara April 13, 2005
84 Spirit Luke Schelhaas Whitney Ransick April 20, 2005
85 Blank Brain Peterson & Kelly Souders Jeannot Szwarc April 27, 2005
86 Ageless Steven S. DeKnight Steven S. DeKnight May 4, 2005
87 Forever Kelly Souders, Brian Peterson  James Marshall  May 11, 2005
88 Commencement Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer Greg Beeman May 18, 2005