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Episode: Nocturne
Writers: Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson
Director: Rick Wallace

Aired: October 22, 2002

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Smallville episode: 26

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Lana gets a secret admirer, but he's got problems. It turns out Lana's secret admirer is locked in his parent's basement. Also in this episode Lionel Luthor hires Martha Kent as a personal assistant.

Lana's admirer, Byron breaks out of his parent's basement to try and romance Lana. Lana and Clark are surprised when Byron's dad threatens them both at the point of a shotgun to stay away from Byron.  Believing that his parents are abusing him, Clark tells his folks who call the police. Byron's folks tell the sheriff that their son died years ago.

Clark and Pete sneak back later to investigate. Clark discovers the basement where Byron is imprisoned, but taking him out into the daylight reveals a terrible secret. Somehow the daylight brings a Dr. Jeckyll effect on Byron, who freaks out and knocks Clark away a few hundred feet. Byron throws Pete into a parked car's windshield, but luckily Pete only has minor injuries. Enough to warrant a hospital stay though.

Afterwards Byron's mom reveals to Clark and Jonathan that Byron's problem comes from an experimental drug that was used on him long ago. The company that used the drug of course was involved with Luthor Corp.

Later at the graveyard, Lana tries to reason with Byron only to get knocked down. Byron in a rage heads off for the Luthor mansion where he attacks a helicopter Lionel Luthor has boarded. Clark shows up in time to save the day,  and stop Byron from hurting Lionel Luthor. Martha Kent uses her new position with Lionel to convince him to fund research to help Byron lead an normal life.

Nocturne ends with Lana and Clark discussing the drawbacks and benefits of sharing secrets with people you care about. Of course Clark doesn't share any secrets with Lana at this point, but he seems to want to.

Music from Nocturne
"Underneath It All" by No Doubt -- Heard in the background when Lex and Lana are talking at the Talon.
"Love Song" by Shiela Nicholls
"Don't Ask Me" by OK Go
"Crazy Richie" by Cactus Groove
click on the music link for more info or to purchase from Amazon

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