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Here's 2 of the stars of this episode, Christopher Reeve and Annette O'Toole from Superman 3

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Episode: Rosetta
Writers :Alfred Gough and Miles Millar
James Marshall

Aired:February 25, 2003

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Smallville episode:38
Smallville Episode Guide
  | Second Season Guide


Quick Facts and Introduction
This was one of the biggest episodes of this season, guest starring none other than the legendary Superman actor, Christopher Reeve. Christopher Reeve plays Dr. Virgil Swann, a scientist who knows the secrets of Clark's past. As a kid I saw the Superman movies at least a dozen times a piece so this episode was especially exciting to me. The second season also featured the infamous Zod from Superman 2. Well the actor who portrayed Zod, Terence Stamp, did the voice for Jor-el on the last 2 episode of this season.  The Superman movie stars don't stop there. Martha Kent is played by
Annette O'Toole who of course played Lana Lang on Superman 3.

This episode Rosetta also throws in a new arrangement of the Superman theme.  Its the first time the show used any music directly related to the movie. Primarily, used is the beginning of the Superman soundtrack selection "Leaving Home" and the main title theme.

Episode Summary
In the beginning of this episode Clark dreams he is in the Indian cave floating, and then he suddenly wakes up in the middle of a road almost getting hit by Lex Luthor. (see Skinwalker for more info on the caves) When he has to explain to Jonathan and Martha Kent where he was all night, he tells them he thinks he may have actually flew in his sleep. He also explained he has been dreaming about the caves all week, and he needs to go back to find out why he feels summoned there.

Clark starts hearing a extremely high pitched noise that no one else can hear. The noise actually causes him pain until he finds the source, the key to his space ship. Clark goes to the caves with the key, which flies from his hand into a small octagon shaped hole in the wall that it fits perfectly into. Clark suddenly sees lights and a beam shoots out and levitates Clark in the air. Clark wakes up to Lex Luthor again and the cave expert Lex hired earlier in the year.

Things get stranger still at the Kent farm, when Clark hears the noise again and his heat vision goes off by itself. Clark burns a strange alien symbol on the barn, and Chloe is there to take a picture of the strange symbol. Martha convinces Chloe it was a prank.

Clark's experience in the cave had enabled him to read the symbol which means hope. Jonathan is not happy that Clark had went back in the cave, but Clark explains it was like he didn't have a choice. Later, Chloe gets some email addressed to Clark with the  alien symbol of hope. Clark heads to the barn with Pete and his laptop to reply to the email. He gets a message that includes more alien symbols and words in English that say if you can read this, I have the answers your looking for. Clark knows what the symbols are immediately. He tells Pete they mean "I'm a friend".

Later Chloe tells Clark about the sender of the email. Apparently, Dr. Virgil Swann is a owner of a large company that produces satellites and space equipment. He disappeared from the public eye 13 years ago. Chloe tells Clark, he should find out what one of the most brilliant men in the world wants from him.

Despite the concerns of his parents, Clark goes to meet the doctor. At this point you can hear music from the Superman movie. Dr. Virgil Swann explains to Clark that the day of the meteor show, 13 years ago,  a faint signal was picked up. After years of trying he was able to decipher it. It said " This is Kal-el of Krypton our infant son, our last hope".  The Dr. said he always wanted to know if the child had survived the journey, and then he saw the symbol of hope burned into the barn. He then found out that a farmer and his wife had an adopted son. 

Clark sees a map of space, and asks if that's where Krypton was. The doctor explains that there apparently is no more Krypton. Clark exclaims," Why me? There must be a reason I was sent to this planet?". Dr Swann remarks, "You won't find the answer by looking to the stars. It's a journey you will have to take by looking inside yourself. You must write your own destiny Kal-el."

Map of Krypton's location

Clark goes back home to the farm. With Jonathan Kent there with him, he inserts what he calls the heart of the ship into his spaceship. Clark sees a message that seems to make him believe he was sent to conquer Earth.

Jonathan tells him," It's you who decides what kind of life your going to lead. Not me, not your mother, not your biological parents." Clark questions him," What if it"s part of who I am? Is that the kind of person I will become" Jonathan Kent reassures him, "Clark Kent your here to be a force for good, not a force for evil." Clark questions again, "How can you be so sure?".  Jonathan confidently states," Because I am your father. I raised you, and I  know you better than anyone. Jonathan hugs Clark and you can then hear the theme of Superman playing in the background. A fitting end to an extraordinary episode.

Get informed about Christopher Reeve's condition at his website

Watch Christopher Reeve and Tom Welling give a public service announcement

Music from Rosetta
Superman: The Movie Theme by John Williams -- A new arrangement of John Williams' Superman theme is played at the end of the episode than the original theme.
Primarily, used is the beginning of the Superman soundtrack selection "Leaving Home"Which is one of the most beautiful pieces of music ever made in my humble opinion,  and the main  title theme. 
"The Scientist" by Coldplay
"Satellite" by Kid Lightening
"Nuclear" by Ryan Adams
"Leaving Town Alive" by Pancho's Lament

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