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George Reeves
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Episode: Skinwalker
Writers :Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders
Marita Grabiak

Aired:November 26, 2002

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Smallville episode:31

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An ancient Indian cave is protected by a strange wolf dog. A cave complete with drawings that seem to foretell the arrival of Clark Kent to earth.

In this episode Clark meets a beautiful Indian girl named Kyla who unknown to Clark until the end of the episode has the ability to change into a wolf. 

Kyla in the shape of the wolf dog goes after Lionel Luthor to protect the caves and after jumping through a glass window becomes mortally wounded. After Clark finds her, the wolf  becomes Kyla again, but Clark is too late to save her.  The next day Clark demonstrates in front of  the ancient Indian grounds, and Lex gets the go ahead from the government to preserve the caves under the protection of Lex Corp.

The episode ends with sad news from Whitney Fordman's mother.  Lana explains to Clark that Whitney's mom told her that Whitney is missing in action.

Music from Skinwalker
"Outtatheway" by the Vines -- playing when Clark and Pete are riding on the dirtbikes.
"Don't Know Why" by Norah Jones -- playing when Lana is talking to Henry Small in the Talon.
"The Game of Love" by Santana & Michelle Branch
"Psycho Ballerina" by Jackpot
"Wave Goodbye" by Steadman -- from the Smallville soundtrack!

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