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Episode: Vortex
Writers :
Story by: Alfred Gough & Miles Millar, Writer: Philip Levens
Greg Beeman

Aired: September 24, 2002

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Smallville episode:22 
"Vortex" First Episode of the Second Season

Smallville Episode Guide
  | Second Season Guide
| Part 1 Episode Tempest


Lex indecision

Inside the twister

"Vortex" the second season opener starts right back where Smallville left off with the first season cliffhangers. Lana is trapped in a twister, Lionel Luther is lying underneath a large beam facing certain death in the devastated mansion, while Jonathan Kent chases after the reporter who knows Clark's secret and has pictures to prove it.

First Lana is trapped in a truck in the middle of a twister. Clark goes in the twister to save her. The truck at this point is literally flying apart piece by piece. Clark manages to make his way into the quickly disappearing truck and holds onto Lana shielding her from debris with his invulnerable body. Clark succeeds in saving Lana but all we see at this point is Clark on the ground now kneeling over Lana.

Lex actually appears to struggle with the idea of saving his trapped father. He finally begins to move his father from underneath the beam, but as he does more material falls from the ceiling onto his father. Lex seems to panic as he yells, " father!" Lex manages to see that Lionel gets to the hospital but his condition doesn't look that great. Lionel has to have an operation to stabilize his condition.

Meanwhile Jonathan chases after the reporter Roger Nixon to retrieve the camera he holds containing pictures of Clark's spaceship.  Jonathan and Nixon struggle, Jonathan knocks Nixon down. Jonathan looks up to notice a trailer is actually flying in the air and is heading for their position. Jonathan grabs the reporter and heads for an old cellar just as the trailer lands on top blocking their exit. 

Jonathan Kent very angry

Trailer coming in for a landing

trailer debris

Clark takes Lana to the very busy hospital where he is told Lana will be alright. He then super speeds it back to the farm to check on his parents. Martha fills Clark in on what's happened. All they know is of course is that Jonathan has ran out into the storm after the reporter. Clark notices the ship is missing. Earlier it had taken off into the storm. Martha is as surprised as Clark that the ship is gone.

Clark goes hunting for Jonathan Kent and Lex Luthor joins him in the hunt with no luck. The foundation of the cellar Jonathan and Nixon are in has lead in it. Of course Clark can't see through lead. Clark is joined in his hunt by Chloe and Pete. They come upon the trailer, but Clark sees only the top surface with his x-ray vision the cellar the trailer is upon is hidden to him.

After going over old building plans, Clark discovers that an old demolished church was in the same vicinity as the demolished trailer leaving an cellar. Clark decides to go check it out.

Clark lifts the trailer and proceeds to rescue Jonathan but the old church had been destroyed by meteors, leaving kryptonite all over the area.  Nixon takes advantage of the situation and decides to take off with Clark. Jonathan having been trapped under some debris earlier has to fight his way out. Thanks to the twister, Nixon's car was thrown into a tree,  giving Jonathan time to get out and commence whooping up on Nixon. Unfortunately, Nixon grabs a iron fence post and knocks Jonathan down. Just as Nixon appears ready to lunge forward with the fence post into Jonathan, Lex Luthor appears out of nowhere and ends Nixon's career with a bullet. Later Jonathan actually shakes the hand of Lex Luthor and thanks him for saving his life.

Did Lex shoot Nixon to save Jonathan or protect himself?

The final moments of the episode end with Clark sharing with his father the experience he had saving Lana from the tornado. He tells Jonathan he felt like he was willing himself to move toward the truck in the twister. Quote" I felt like I was flying". And Lex learns the operation he ordered for Lionel saved his life but cost his father his eyesight.  Lana meets up with Clark at the farm. She refuses to believe Clark's story that he wasn't in the truck during the twister, and that he didn't save her. The biggest shock is when Lana tells Clark," You can't hide out here forever".  With the final scene we are left with a shot of the rocket ship lying in a field.

Music from Vortex
click on the song links to purchase or get more info from amazon
"Time and Time Again" by Stretch Princess
"In My Place" by Coldplay -This is played at the very end of the episode, when Clark and Lana are talking.

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