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Premiering in September of 1993, Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman was a success for ABC.  It focused primarily on the relationship between Lois Lane and Clark Kent. It was deemed a stylish version of Superman by critics.  Lois and Clark's dialogue was even a little steamy at times but it still kept a family friendly atmosphere.

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A lot of Lois and Clark was adapted from the mid 1980's Superman revamp by John Byrne. Like their Lex Luthor was a rich evil tycoon instead of just a evil scientist. There was one definite departure. Their version of Lex Luthor actually had hair, for most of the series anyway. The rich tycoon aspect of Lex Luthor seems to be a fixture in the Superman myth now. Lex Luthor is seen as growing up wealthy in the very well done and super popular show Smallville.

One very notable thing I believe Lois and Clark gave us was for now and forever Perry White is more prone to say "Great Shades of Elvis!" instead of "Great Caesar's ghost!"  as he had always said in the original Superman (George Reeves) tv series.

This is the first Superman tv show or movie to actually marry Clark Kent and Lois Lane. The marriage actually occurred in the comic books about the same time, as well. This was history in the making. The only bad aspect of this wedding was that we were not allowed to see them as a married couple long before the series was cancelled. Lois and Clark is one of those shows you want to see more of after their gone. The last episode with the appearance of a baby from out of nowhere, was apparently going to be the Kent's child. This was one of those episodes that leave you hanging, and that is very frustrating when it's the very last show. We can only hope there will be a tv movie sometime. The last show was on in 1997.

Dean Cain went on to Ripley's Believe It or Not and several TV movies.

Teri Hatcher is the star of Desperate Housewives on ABC.

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures Of...  Music soundtrack of Lois and Clark 
-Dean Cain as Superman (1993-97 television series)

Lois and Clark Tv Series
 the ABC television series which follows the lives and adventures of Clark Kent Lois Lane and other denizens of Metropolis we've grown to know and love over the years.