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»User: »Password:   Remember Me? Forum / Superman / Smallville / What Episode did Clark and Lana first kiss??

Posted:  23 Sep 2005 19:51
basically what the topic says, i just cant remember and figured this was probably the easiest way to find out
Posted:  24 Sep 2005 00:32
Ok here's my best guess the episode Exodus which had the infamous under the oak tree scene. This was the first time I think they actually started acting like a couple, but like I said it's just my best guess.
Posted:  24 Sep 2005 07:10
hm, thanks, i got my 2 girlfriends in the show the other day and were watching it from the beginning and they where wondering when it happens
Posted:  24 Sep 2005 07:34
I think as a couple it was Exodus but the very first time was in Nicodemus if I recall correctly or doesn't that one count, Snyderman and Tim.
Posted:  24 Sep 2005 18:52
ya cus i know there was a few where lana or clark where possessed or something
Posted:  24 Sep 2005 19:03
Right I forgot about times like that. That is really a hard event to pin down.

Aha how about episode 15 Nicodemus from the first season when Lana gets exposed to a plant that makes her get dressed up wild and act crazy.
Posted:  24 Sep 2005 22:00
hm, well im starting to watch smallville allll over again due to me making my girlfriends watch it, so not that anyone really cares but ill let you know
Posted:  13 Nov 2005 07:23
hey anoyne realize that whenever clark reaches some big milestone he's always not right in the head or the other person isn't? like alicia when they get married and almost do it, he's on red kryptonite!
Posted:  13 Nov 2005 16:14
Yeah, your right that does seem to happen a lot since red kryptonite first appeared.
Posted:  13 Nov 2005 19:55
I wish i was clark... lol
Posted:  15 Nov 2005 00:09
hey they kiss on the one where tina is lana. Does that count?? (u know the grl who turned into lex and robbed the bank and shit)
Posted:  15 Nov 2005 05:44
The first real kiss, to the best of my knowledge, that lana and clark had without being poisoned or something would be the 3rd to last episode in the 2nd season. I don't recall the name of the episode, but lana and clark kissed on clark birthday.
Posted:  15 Nov 2005 05:45   Last Edited By: eastcoastkid
I could be wrong tho
Posted:  15 Nov 2005 14:32
"Ok here's my best guess the episode Exodus " Quoted

That was a great episode tho wasnt it
Posted:  15 Nov 2005 22:51
It depends on if you mean the first actual kiss, which is Season 1,episode: Nicodemus. Or the first Boyfriend-Girlfriend kiss which Season 2, episode: Calling. You got to be a little more specific. But otherwise I hope this helps.
Posted:  23 Dec 2005 19:46
eastcoastkid, the 3rd last ep of season 2is called "accelerate" which is where last dead friend comes to her thanks to lionel luthor.

i think the 1st time they kissed without any kryptonite help was during the first season sometime but i could be wrong
Posted:  24 Dec 2005 05:12
okay.  ill settle this.

clark kissed 'lana' first in x-ray, but that wasnt really lana, that was tina.  so it doesnt really count.

then in nicodemus, lana kisses clark in the school pool, but shes high on the flower.

fastforward to season two.  in the episode red, clark is on red k, and kisses lana in the talon.

there might be one some where mid-way through season 2 at the end of 'rush.' clark kisses lana, i think, and lana pulls away.  then clark leaves the rose on the counter, and lana throws it away, which he sees in the next episode.

then, in accelerate, lana talks about "this may sound silly... but i am afraid that one day, your going to see the real me, and its going to change the way you feel about me." then clark says, "nothing could ever do that" and lana comes over and HOLDS HIS HANDS, but does not kiss him.  (then she says "then maybe its me that needs to start believeing in you")

the next episode, calling, the make out in the loft for roughly two hours.  they do again at the end of the episode.

then they do again in the next episode, exodus.  this is under the oak tree.

then they do again in exile, in the atlantis night club.

the next kiss isnt until scare, in jasons dream, if im not mistaken.  but once again, this isnt real.

and then, in commencement, they kiss towards the end when lana gives clark the stone.

there, i think, is the complete clana kissing log.  seasons 1-4, anyway.  im not even gonna attempt to do that through season 5.
Posted:  24 Dec 2005 05:17
season 5 is just one long kiss-a-thon
Posted:  27 Dec 2005 03:39
really, but seriously half of their kisses are when either of them are high on something!!!
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