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»User: »Password:   Remember Me? Forum / Superman / General Discussion / Posting / Smallville and the Cape

Posted:  31 May 2009 18:40
I've been watching this show from its infancy and all I ask the producers is "put him (Tom Welling) in a damb cape already!"  The natural progression of things is to lead into the caped crusader.
Posted:  31 May 2009 20:49   Last Edited By: Aerolectric
welcome to the board, lots of us think he should have a costume already too.

for the record, the caped crusader is Batman...
"Any man can overcome adversity. If you truly want to test a man's character, give him power."
— Abraham Lincoln

Road of Lightning
Posted:  01 Jun 2009 15:25
He ought to be flying next season for sure.
Posted:  23 Jun 2009 12:21
Hi, here's my view on the whole flying/hero thing.
Don't know too much on the comic book superman mythos really (never heard of chloe until smallville hit), but i thought ever since "Chloe" got her healing power (& especially the way its progressing) that it Will be chloe & that ability that finally gives clark the inspiration/belief to fly.
She couldn't heal clark "Odyssey" & never tried to heal jimmy "Doomsday" but i reckon it will be a major effort of chloe's to heal Clark in season 9.
My thinking is because Clark is so powerful it will take her entire "lifeforce" to accomplish this, & Chloe's undying belief in Clark will be somehow instilled/passed on to him & give him the final push he needs.
This was hinted at in "Legion" & would be the perfect wrap up for Chloe's story & a fitting end for her character. Also hope they bring back & Finish the Doomsday saga "properly" towards the end of season 9. They blew up Davis,Buried Doomsday & impaled Davis already, So i don't really buy the whole "blow him up & bury him a mile underground ending"that was No epic battle & i reckon Davis' body has become the new vessel for Zod (hence Zod only appeared after Davis was killed).
My hopes, Clark battles Zod & Metallo in season 9 & Doomsday re-surfaces for the real finale.(Please)
Posted:  24 Jun 2009 02:01
chloe was never in the comics--she was strickly smallville (until a few seasons back--she got popular so they put her in) she lost her healing ability before the episode doomsday.
"Any man can overcome adversity. If you truly want to test a man's character, give him power."
— Abraham Lincoln

Road of Lightning
Posted:  24 Jun 2009 12:49
I know they cleared brainiac from her, but never actually stated if her power was gone for good.
I reckon her making the ultimate sacrifice for clark would be the Perfect "out" for her character, fits with the seasons progressions & would kick clarks dithering conscience over humanity into touch.
Also comparing Davis's  physique "bloodline" to that of Zod at the end of "Doomsday", they are very similar, could be him. They only stated Witwer would only be cast as "Davis" for one season.
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