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»User: »Password:   Remember Me? Forum / Superman / General Discussion / The 1990's Flash TV series was originally part of a much larger TV series.

Posted:  19 Aug 2011 19:20
The 1990 Flash TV series was originally part of a much larger superhero TV series proposal.

Despite general critical acclaim, the 1990-91 Flash TV series on CBS was likely stuck in a position where it cost too much to be profitable at the ratings it was receiving, so it lasted just that one year.

However, it is interesting to note just HOW the series came about. You see, Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo (the creators of the show) actually pitched an entirely different show to CBS based on DC comic book characters!

And guess what, it was going to involve Blok!

Yes, BLOK!!!

In a 2008 interview with David Gutierrez at DVD Verdict, they discussed the original show:

    Gutierrez: The Flash came out of a proposed series you created called Unlimited Powers. What was that show about?

    Bilson: I think it was the coolest thing we ever wrote. It was very inspired by The Watchmen and was very much of its time.

    For world peace, all the superheroes had to surrender their powers. If they used their powers, they’d go to jail. The Flash never surrendered and was put into suspended animation. Our story started twenty years later when he was forty. He gets unfrozen and discovers a whole conspiracy surrounding the superheroes surrendering their powers. The gag was that the bad guys had all disappeared. Where had they gone? They were actually running the world. They were all in suits. All those guys were super-villains who had once been in jail. All the old heroes had sold out.

    De Meo: The Flash was the only one who knew it.

    Bilson: He gathered up some heroes. They lived on an old mothballed battleship in a harbor as underground fighters.

    We killed Green Arrow in the pilot and his daughter became the new Green Arrow. There was also a character called Blok from the Legion of Super-Heroes, who was an old DC Comics character we’d reinvented.

    De Meo: And Dr. Occult, another old DC Comics character.

    Bilson: At the time, all the younger people at CBS were dying to make the pilot, but the senior management there didn’t understand it. We learned that you can barely do one superhero for TV because of the costume, the effects, and the cost. It probably would have killed us to do four.

    De Meo: It would have been insane to do four. What the studio liked out of our script was this one character—the Flash. So we said, “Great. We’ll do that.” We got it into our heads to do a combination of the original Flash and the current Flash.

How interesting that would have been!

But yeah, it would have cost way too much money for it to look good at all, but still, the idea sure does lend itself to TV well!

Thanks to David Gutierrez, Danny Bilson and Paul De Meo for the information!

Now that would have been a awesome series to see if it would have been made.


"Although Lex Luthor is your ultimate opponent, you will triumph over him, and when you show yourself to the will be a different age than ours, Clark. A silver age of heroism...that will start when they look up into the sky at you...with hope for tomorrow. You will help everyone to embrace it."-Dr Fate

Posted:  19 Aug 2011 19:39
Too bad the Flash series didn't last longer, I really liked it. Got it on DVD.
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