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»User: »Password:   Remember Me? Forum / Superman / Superman Movies / Christopher Reeve Movies / Best Superman & Smallville Quotes

Posted:  15 Mar 2006 01:22
What are your favorite Smallville and Superman movie quotes? Check it out the new greatest Superman quotes page

and post your favorites here.
Posted:  15 Mar 2006 11:27
Yeah Tim, I saw that and read them too. There is a couple that I don't recognise in the Smallville quotes because they are from season 4 which I haven't seen yet. I will buy it soon on dvd so I will only be 1 season behind you lot over there, then. My favourite are all the ones from the movies and the L & C ones from Tempus are quite funny too.
Posted:  15 Mar 2006 17:35
Yeah, Tempus was my favorite character from Lois and Clark. I liked him better than Lex Luthor. Luthor never had a sense of humor.
Posted:  16 Mar 2006 08:33
Apparently that is how Lane(Tempus) plays all characters on screen. I mean with a dry wit to his tone of voice and an overall sarcastic attitude to the role he is playing.
Posted:  19 Mar 2006 21:24   Last Edited By: Pinoyman
i've got one
Martha to Lex: What do you want?
Lex: The world, Mrs. Kent
Posted:  21 Mar 2006 17:33
I like that.
Posted:  22 Mar 2006 02:11
cool isn't it
Posted:  22 Mar 2006 06:15
Posted:  27 Mar 2006 13:26
Here is one of my fave qoutes from the Superman movies.

Lex:You know what I can do with a single strand of Superman's hair?

Lenny:You can make a Toupee that flies.


"Although Lex Luthor is your ultimate opponent, you will triumph over him, and when you show yourself to the will be a different age than ours, Clark. A silver age of heroism...that will start when they look up into the sky at you...with hope for tomorrow. You will help everyone to embrace it."-Dr Fate

Posted:  27 Mar 2006 16:16
Yeah, that one was funny. It was from Superman 4. Lenny is that guy from the new Charlie Sheen TV show, "Men" I think it's called. I can't remember the actors name at the moment.
Posted:  28 Mar 2006 02:50
Christopher Reeve will always be my hero, and my club is helping out with his foundation as he always said go foward!
Posted:  29 Mar 2006 03:23
His name is Jon Cryer and the show is "Two and a Half Men", just to help you out Tim. The funny thing is that Jon was in Hot Shots 1 with Charlie aswell. I didn't realise this until it was on tv the other day and I decided to watch it.
Posted:  29 Mar 2006 15:43
Oh yeah I remember. He had the funny eyeglasses issue didn't he?
Posted:  22 Jun 2006 06:31
how bout this quote from the end of superman 2? clark walks into the dinner where he had earlier been beaten up by rocky. clark ( to rocky as he's eating): "Gee that's funny. I've never seen garbage eat garbage before."    i love that line....i've actually used it before.
Posted:  22 Jun 2006 14:07
How about the dialogue between Superman and lois when he catches her falling from the roof before he catches the helicopter in STM ... Superman: "Easy miss ive got you" .. Lois: "You've got me, whos got you ?"
All those things I can do. All those powers. And I couldn't even save him.
Posted:  22 Jun 2006 19:16   Last Edited By: Tim
Yep, Capone that's a classic. It still makes me laugh.

I like the line where Superman says to Zod, "Care to step outside?"
Posted:  22 Jun 2006 20:44
Yeah, Tempus was my favorite character from Lois and Clark. I liked him better than Lex Luthor. Luthor never had a sense of humor.

i luv tempus! hes funny!!

my favorite line from lois and clark is:
"  Tempus:  Yes. But, as much as everybody loves you, there is one question that keeps coming up: "How dumb was she?" Here, I'll show you what I mean. Look (puts glasses on), I'm Clark Kent. (Takes glasses off) No, I'm Superman. (Puts glasses on) Mild-mannered reporter. (Takes glasses off) Superhero. Hello! Duh! Clark Kent is Superman. Ha, ha, ha. Well, that was worth the whole trip. To actually meet the most galactically stupid woman who ever lived. "

and my favorite line from smallville is:
Lex Luthor: Trust me, Clark. Our friendship is going to be the stuff of legend.

irony is great; aint it??
"Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.-Psalm 51:12
Posted:  27 Jun 2006 07:11
Otis:"I don't know Mr.Luthor... maybe he's just passing through?"                                   Lex:"Passing through? Not on your life... which I would gladly sacrifice by the way."
Posted:  27 Jun 2006 07:12
Lex Luthor:"Nobody wants a war. I just want to keep the threat alive."
Posted:  27 Jun 2006 07:14
Lex (after Superman breaks through to his lair):"My attorney will be in touch with you about the damage to the door."
Posted:  27 Jun 2006 07:16
Superman:"You can't just stand there and let innocent people....millions of innocent people die." Miss Tessmacher:"Maybe!"
Posted:  25 Jul 2006 05:19

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not Fail?"

Into the Twin Towers ran the 343 Firefighters
Posted:  25 Jul 2006 06:17
Earlier, Tim said Lex Luthor never had a sense of humor.  But in the animated feature "Brainiac Attack," Lex provides a lot of comic relief. 

My favorite part is where Lex, in a robot suit, is getting whomped by Brainiac.  Then, when Superman arrives, Lex weakly utters, "Ya-a-ay."
Posted:  28 Jul 2006 23:23
the sheriff of smallville after getting shot this past season:"well ain't that a mother."
Posted:  02 Oct 2006 02:50

Posted:  07 Oct 2006 23:07

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not Fail?"

Into the Twin Towers ran the 343 Firefighters
Posted:  02 May 2008 02:54
Lois Lane: Will we see you? Around?
Superman: Iam always around.
From Superman Returns
Posted:  03 Jun 2008 08:20
Superman from Superman Returns:"You wrote that the world doesn't need a savior, but everyday i hear people crying for one."
Posted:  03 Jun 2008 15:03
"I ask you to kill Superman and you can't even do that one simple thing." - Ross Webster Superman 3 villain to Gus (Richard Pryor)

Tempus from "Lois and Clark" to Lois Lane: You want to know the future, Miss Lane? No one works, no one argues, there are 9,000 channels and nothing on!

Tempus: Superman, as long as I have you here, just answer one thing for me. Why tights? Why a cape? You're a grown man, don't you feel ridiculous?
Superman: My mother made it for me.
Posted:  03 Jun 2008 23:19
Lex Luthor: Otisville?
Otis: It's a tiny city..
"Any man can overcome adversity. If you truly want to test a man's character, give him power."
— Abraham Lincoln

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