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»User: »Password:   Remember Me? Forum / Superman / 1950's Superman George Reeves / Superman and the Secret Planet a What If Movie with George Reeves

Posted:  28 Feb 2014 17:16   Last Edited By: Tim
This video series is sort of a what if they had created a big budget film starring George Reeves as Superman after the television series was over scenario. It's a slide show of sorts, and has lots of great old music. I guess it's more like a motion comic, actually, with real people instead of drawings.  In this series look for an awesome looking retro Supergirl as well as lots of other eye catching retro space scenes and ships. These were created by youtube user Ted Newsom.

Superman and the Secret Planet Part 1

From the creator posted on youtube.

Suggested by the unfilmed 1957 David Chantler feature screenplay, and the on-line comic book adaptation by Randy Garrett. It's the equivalent of the old "Imaginary Stories" in Golden Age DC Comics. I thought the world needed a Superman movie with George Reeves... like it almost had.

Part One: A plan to evacuate the doomed planet Krypton with a fleet of rockets is subverted by power-mad general. Scientists Jor-el and Lara must send their infant child through space to Earth to save him.

Superman and the Secret Planet Part 2

Part Two: While reporting on a dangerous new atomic rocket, Clark Kent learns of the kidnapping of the US President, a powerful ray device used in a robbery, and a mysterious shadow in space. This sounds like a job for Superman.

Superman and the Secret Planet Part 3

I love the looks of these outer space scenes.

Part Three: Superman loses his super-strength and powers on a mysterious asteroid called Kryptonia, He meets Kara, his beautiful young cousin, who warns him about a secret called "Plan Z." The ruler of the hidden city, Zonar, plots to kill the now-mortal Man of Steel.

Superman and the Secret Planet Part 4

Part Four: Mortal and marooned on Kryptonia, Superman discovers the deadly secret: Plan Z, the conquest of Earth. With the help of his cousin Kara and a wise scientist, Superman risks his life in a desperate escape plan to return to Earth.

Superman and the Secret Planet Part 5

Zonar, mad dictator of the rogue asteroid Kryptonia, launches a fleet of drone craft with powerful death rays, demanding total surrender of Earth and the enslavement of mankind. Using both his super powers and his super brain, Superman risks death and marshals the forces of Earth to defend against impossible odds.

Superman and the Secret Planet Part 6

I love the fight scene toward the end of this one. It happens just the way I'd expect George Reeves to engage in battle, humor and all.

Part Six: Superman leads the air, land and sea battle against the invulnerable Kryptonian drone weapons, then pilots a dangerous atomic rocket to the asteroid to rescue the President. With Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen beside him, he faces off with the tyrants of the advanced world.

Superman and the Secret Planet Part 7

You have to see the retro Supergirl in this one. I love it!

Part Seven: With Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen's help, Superman races against time to save both the Earth and the mysterious asteroid Kryptonia. He then must face the most important decision of his life.
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