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»User: »Password:   Remember Me? Forum / Superman / Superman Movies / Superman Returns Trailer

Posted:  10 May 2006 21:34
Have you guys seen the latest Superman Returns Trailer yet? Superman Returns Trailer

Not a whole lot you can tell from a trailer necessarily, but I gathered the following opinions which could change very easily when I see the movie.

1. Lex is not bad but didn't seem to impress me like Gene Hackman.

2. Effects very very good! I really really hope there is a lot of action and special effects scenes in the movie because I think the technology used for this picture is going to be impressive! I also hope there is not as much yacking as there is in this trailer.

3.Not going to go over the costume thing again, but obviously it looks better when Superman is in action.

4. Brandon Routh sounds like Tom Cruise when he's Superman, but when he's Clark he sounds just like Christopher Reeve's Clark Kent. That is very impressive. Listen to the very last couple of seconds of the trailer to hear what I'm talking about.
Posted:  11 May 2006 00:13
thanks for the trailer tim the movie looks awesome
Posted:  11 May 2006 03:34
I already made a comment about the new trailer elsewhere on the board but I really can't wait for the movie after seeing the new trailer. I also don't understand why you don't like the Kevin as Lex because I can understand that you grew up with Gene in the role and he played it for laughs whereas Kevin is much more maniacal in the role. Think about the idea that they are two different movies with two different actors playing, supposedly, the same role  under two very different type of directors who see in character in vastly different lights. I also think that Kevin looks like a young Gene and that is why he was chosen for the part because he can play a funnyman when needed but when he needs to play the psychotic obssessive billionaire he can change like flicking a light switch. I was trying to figure out who Brandon sounded like and you hit the nail right on the head with the Tom Cruise comment. It's only about 49 or so days away now people.
Posted:  11 May 2006 17:55
It's not that I didn't like the new Lex. It's just from the few moments of the trailer I didn't feel impressed by his evil presence or anything. I don't know that much about kevin spacey as an actor so I'll have to wait and see the movie before I can give a final judgement on his performance on Superman Returns. Can't tell that much on an actors performance from a few seconds really, anyway. It wouldn't really be fair to judge just from a trailer, I guess.
Posted:  11 May 2006 23:20
Posted:  12 May 2006 11:01
Well dash that theory doesn't actually work when you put it into practice because Kirk and George had very little muscle definition let alone being ripped. Then if you have a look at Chris he was never ripped because they had to get him from a very skinny 175lbs up to 225lbs in about 6 to 8 months. Which means that they just went for bulk with a little bit of definition but never ripped. I don't ever remember seeing John or Gerard with their shirts off so I can't comment on them. Now Dean had a good, solid muscular build without being too ripped. I guess he looked like a competitive bodybuilder about 4 weeks out from a competition. Tom has a nice good build without being too bulky looking. If you think about it you never see Clark/Superman in the movies without some sort of clothing because he is always trying to hide the suit. I ask you too take another look at the new trailer and look for the scene where he is flying a backflip over the earth because his legs don't look like they are skinny they look like a footballers legs. I think I remember Brandon was asked about that in an interview once and he responded with a comment something along the lines of at one stage a couple of months out from the beginning of the shoot he weighed almost 250lbs and they had too put a lot more cardio into his weight sessions to get him down to around the 230lbs mark. So if you think about that then underneath that suit he would be as ripped as Arnie was in Commando and it's just that he doesn't naturally look big and bulky but more like a heavy athletic build.
Posted:  12 May 2006 15:18
That has been my wife's complaint--"he looks too skinny! He doesn't have enough jaw!" My response was..."Honey, he's not Chris..." But I think once we actually see the movie, everything will come together.
Posted:  13 May 2006 15:20
What does your wife mean he doesn't have enough jaw because if you have look at the black and white photo of Chris elsewhere on then have a look at the front on shots of Brandon then it is quite obvious that he has a much wider lower jaw than anyone who has ever played Clark Kent/superman. In fact I would have to say that it is almost cartoon/comic book perfectly square and very wide lower jaw on Brandon. Also like I said have look at him flying a backflip over earth in the new trailer and take a look at the size of his quads. If you try to tell me that he has skinny legs then I think you need a big vitamin D boost in your diet because Brandon's legs, at a guess, would be a good 4 inches bigger than Chris' ever were. Hey Tim please oblige this request and put the black and white photo of Chris beside a similar sized photo of Brandon just to show what I mean by the jaw sizes, if you can?
Posted:  13 May 2006 16:48   Last Edited By: Tim
With all the pics on here and I'm not sure which one you are referring to, but here are some side by side wallpapers from superman actors section

You know it just occurred to me why people see Brandon as so skinny. I thought the same thing myself. It's the suit. Everybody knows you wear dark colors to make yourself look skinny and light colors to make yourself look bigger. That's why if you have a gut it's best to wear black. It pays to listen to chicks talk.
Posted:  13 May 2006 23:06
Posted:  15 May 2006 11:24
It wasn't the picture that I was after but you have done me a favour by putting shots of Chris and Brandon as Clark side by side. Now GeneralZod, please take a look at the two shots of Chris and Brandon as Clark then pay close attention to the fact that Chris has shoulder pads in his business suit and Brandon has no suit jacket on at all. Now tell me that Brandon looks skinny because he doesn't look that skinny to me in fact he looks like a much heavier built man than Chris does. The resemblance between the two is uncanny isn't it? Also Tim that is a nice bit of mix and match work with Tom's head on Gerard's superboy suit, he doesn't look half bad like that does he?
Posted:  15 May 2006 15:48
No he doesn't look bad as superman at all. That pic was done by Huckman

You know, I still don't understand why they made the S smaller for Brandon. When you look at the supermen side by side Dean Cain's insignia looks a little too big, but Christopher Reeve's S insignia looks just right.
Posted:  15 May 2006 16:53
Those were my wife's comments. As I said, I think everything will come together in the end...Routh will pull it off.
Posted:  16 May 2006 00:03
yeah I think Routh will do a good job acting. Here's hoping he has a good script too.
Posted:  16 May 2006 13:04
Yeay Dean's S does look a little big but I have seen images from old comics in which they did the S the same way. I have said it before and you have agreed with me Tim on the fact that Dean is still the only person who looks like two different people as Clark and Superman. The funny thing is that the two images of George have a similar look about them which is why I think that they chose Dean for the role because he has a slight resemblance to George. I am also guessing that Superman on the very right hand edge of the picture is from the stage musical and is it just me or does his S look very similar to Dean's S with it being kind of largeish as it sits on his chest.
Posted:  16 May 2006 23:45
Are you talking about the guy who played Superboy? There were 2 of those guys, or the other guy from the fan made movie trailers?
Posted:  18 May 2006 03:29
the guy with the S that looks like dean's S is the guy from the fan made Superman/Batman trailer, my opinion, its pretty cool
Posted:  30 May 2006 04:23
hi, i'm the greatest superman's fan in Argentina so...
The things that I saw in the 3 movie trailers are amazing
and I've been wating for this movie since 16 years ago.
The relations of this movie with the others superman's movies are greatest!!!!
because Brandon's face is too similarity to the revee's face and his voice like kent is the same
then the suit i thinks it's cool the colours and the smaller boots, just one mistake to say about it
no logo at backs cape!
thanks and please sorry about my english.
Posted:  30 May 2006 21:01
no problem, my english ain't all that great either. I'm a hillbilly.
Posted:  20 Jun 2006 21:43
Love the superman trailer!!!! Can't wait to see the movie! I think it's going to be a smash hit![up][cool]
Posted:  21 Jun 2006 01:25
I just saw a commercial last night where he gets shot in the eye. Naturally, the bullet bounces off. But... but... YIKES!!!
Posted:  21 Jun 2006 21:22
Nice Pics Tim!!!!!
in the bottom 1 Toms the only one with out glasses!!

by the way,
hoosiergirljenny, let me take a whack at ur state of orgin lol

"Restore to me the joy of your salvation and grant me a willing spirit, to sustain me.-Psalm 51:12
Posted:  26 Mar 2007 20:45
I know this is a little late but Brandon's S on his chest was designed smaller because the movie makers decided to make the shield 3D which has never been done before and to make the costume movable for arm positioning and bending over the S had to be scaled down to fit into a position that he could move his arms forward and cross them and also if he had to bend his back for any reason he wouldn't be impaled by the S.
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