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»User: »Password:   Remember Me? Forum / Superman / Other Superheroes / Marvel Comics / What if Superheroes had to get real jobs?

Posted:  11 Jan 2017 15:44
Robocop shows why having a super cyborg as a mall cop is way overkill.

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For some reason Spider-man has gotten a regular job in his costume instead of as Peter Parker.

What if the Hulk had a regular job? Who wouldn't love to destroy things at work like the Hulk? The first one guest stars Stan Lee and Lou Ferrigno. The second has Lou in it again.

Hulk smash puny office!

How about a Hulk mousepad for the office?

What if War Machine had a regular job.

I love the part where he blows up the copier.

You could wear this mask to work.

War Machine Mask

What if Wolverine had like a regular job? Would anybody be safe?

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