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»User: »Password:   Remember Me? Forum / Superman / Smallville / Smallville Hotties

Posted:  12 Jul 2005 00:32
Who's hotter, Lana or Lois?
I tend to lean toward Lois, I like her personality more.  Let me know, what you think.
pics appreciated
Posted:  12 Jul 2005 04:25
Umm... I go with Lana all the way i mean just look at her she is alot hotter.. But thats what i think anyway.
Clark and Lana forever!
Posted:  12 Jul 2005 12:16
yeah its definitely close though
Posted:  12 Jul 2005 12:19
I have one word for you guys, Chloe! I mean come on no contest. Her smile and have you forgotten how she worked that lollipop in Rush. Chloe all the way.
Posted:  12 Jul 2005 13:31
she is overlooked a lttle
here's a pic for u
Posted:  13 Jul 2005 10:38
O My God... Drool
Posted:  13 Jul 2005 11:36
thoyught you like those
Posted:  13 Jul 2005 21:07
wat the hell man chloe is soooooooo fit how can anyone be talking bout lana no offense people but she anit that fit i like that girl aleesha shes fit the transporter one. but chloe is of the charts thank you for saying her name
Posted:  14 Jul 2005 00:28
Posted:  14 Jul 2005 05:52
lana all the way!
Clark and Lana forever!
Posted:  14 Jul 2005 05:59
Ok everyone jump Tom for goin against Chloe.
Posted:  14 Jul 2005 08:13
lol hey now i dont think that is very fair!
Clark and Lana forever!
Posted:  14 Jul 2005 11:33
Sorry Tom I'm just messing with ya. Chloe would kick Lana's ass though.
Posted:  14 Jul 2005 12:57
who won that fihgt between them in that episode were everyone triedf to kill chloe!?
Posted:  14 Jul 2005 18:41
ok I knew someone would bring that up. To be fair Lana blindsided her with a cheap shot and if Adam hadn't taken Lana down I'm sure Chloe would have been able to win overall.
Posted:  14 Jul 2005 22:49
No no come on we all know lana would of won that fight weather she blindsided her or not.
Clark and Lana forever!
Posted:  15 Jul 2005 15:28
I choose not to beleive it.
Posted:  16 Jul 2005 17:28   Last Edited By: SuperDude
lana, i know that name!!!
Posted:  19 Jul 2005 17:17
Lana for suuuuure, chloe and lois are hot as hell too, the only thing that sucks about lana on Smallville is she never really dresses that sexy, but w/e shes like the cutest bitch ever
Posted:  19 Jul 2005 19:01
yeah, i like the episodes where everybody goes insane
Posted:  20 Jul 2005 09:28
They are three totally different looking types of girls so why not give all of them a big hoorah. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Chloe, Lana and Lois
Posted:  20 Jul 2005 15:42
Posted:  01 Sep 2005 01:06
Its weird, sometimes they both look really good and sometimes they both look like dorks.

Lana is definitly hotter when shes does the hot Paris babe style. Sometimes, though she's all like pretty in pink, mormon chick. Boring.

Lois has got the body tho. Yowza.
Posted:  01 Sep 2005 19:51
well let me chime in i like lana the best i mean lois and chloe is hot to but ever sense nicidemus episode im hooked on lana she has the best body.and her sexy girl next door look.
Posted:  01 Sep 2005 20:31
My wife says I can't even consider this whole question.[smirk] But Lana is a pretty tough looking chick.
Posted:  02 Sep 2005 19:15
tim are you pus wiped
Posted:  08 Sep 2005 22:40
i guess you are sense you didnt answer me.
Posted:  09 Sep 2005 18:35
Uh give me a chance smallville21. I only check the board once a day. Uh the answer to your question is I was kidding. I usually don't look at other women out of respect for my wife.

Now, what problems do you have in life that Jerry Springer might be interested in?

No, just kidding let's not get a sleazy board started.

Go ahead make my day!
Get this Dirty Harry pic for your living room!
Posted:  12 Sep 2005 16:10
ok tim i was just kidding so dont get pissed and dont sick dirty harry on me.
Posted:  12 Sep 2005 21:27
Ok all is forgiven, but dont get me started. I've got issues.

what did you all think of Lex's ex Helen

or Desiree
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