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»User: »Password:   Remember Me? Forum / Superman / Superman Comic Books / How Many Times Has Superman Died?

Posted:  07 Jun 2006 07:39
How many times has Superman died?

Besides his big famous death (yes, that one), there was an issue of Justice League in the 1970's where Supes is killed, and the rest of the JLA travels into the netherworld to get his soul back.  Or something.

There was also an episode of "Justice League," the animated series, where there was a funeral for Superman after he disappeared. The Green Lantern Corps attended, and a red-haired Lana Lang.

But it turned out Superman had simply been sent to the future, where he used Vandal Savage's time machine to get back. 

Then there was the time on Smallville when Clark Kent returned to life and stopped a nuclear missile.  Nothing slows this guy down!
Posted:  07 Jun 2006 11:47
I think the brief conversation between Martha Kent and Mayson Drake from L & C after superman falls out a second story window, said it best SuperBear.
Mayson: Is he alright?
Martha: I should think so dear, afterall he is Superman.
Or something like that anyway. It is the episode in which superman gets blinded by some scientists who want a special pen back that can transmit information on a beam of light. Sorry but I can't think of the title of that episode.
Posted:  07 Jun 2006 15:40
im glad every time supes has died he has come back.
Posted:  08 Oct 2006 21:17

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