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»User: »Password:   Remember Me? Forum / Superman / General Discussion / Fan Fiction / UNITED WE FALL Justice League Fan Story

Posted:  20 Jun 2006 17:59   Last Edited By: Tim
This story of the JL was sent to me by email from Stu Hiatt. Enjoy.

by Stu Hiatt
additional material by Quinn Belsen

Justice League Fan Story

Helena Bertinelli hid in the shadows, crossbow drawn. The green K tipped arrowhead glowed as the would-be Huntress waited impatiently for her target.
The only target.
Arrogant Kryptonian. He was hovering mid-air above the politically-motivated crowd, some of who carried signs and waved flags with a symbol not dissimilar to the one on his uniform, only instead of an S there was something like the number eight. A sword ran through it, just like that Terran Empire Mirror Universe symbol seen on various Star Trek episodes.
And there were also the dissidents, the malcontents,the disgruntled.
They booed Superman, cursed him and his name, shouted their rightfully angry "Go back to Krypton!" slogans along with slogans telling him to go specifically lower.
As he turned to face them, Helena saw her chance to put an end to this misery once and for all. As she took careful aim the memories came flooding back. The Batman taking her, rather reluctantly, under his tutelage. The rapid return of chaos and disorder now that the Justice Lords had mysteriously vanished. Their subsequent return and finding that their well-ordered world was now somewhat in disarray. It wasn't hard to locate the traitor. The Batman hadn't really been one of them, ever. Instead of remaining with the Lords he had cleaned up Gotham. It didn't matter that Bruce Wayne had always been their financier. A hit squad led by Wonder Woman finally subdued the Batman in his lair. Bruce Wayne's identity had now been compromised. He simply disappeared from public view. Gotham slowly once again became a hotbed of criminal activity, this time due to the Resistance to the Kryptonian Occupation. That's what the Justice Lords had always been about, in the opinions of some. In their absence Projekt Cadmus had been created by the U.S. Government, secretly funded by Bruce Wayne until the Lords found that out. They also found that Superman's Main Operative was somehow involved, in spite of the fact that she was "Kryptonian" as well. And not long after, Helena had been approached by one 'Tea Hamilton with info on Supes' next public appearance, as well as being provided with the means necessary to take him down, only 'Tea wouldn't go anywhere near the 'provided means'.
As Helena put her finger on the trigger someone grabbed her and threw her to the ground. Before Helena could reach the crossbow twin laserlike beams incinerated the weapon.
"Didn't Bruce tell you it's not safe to play with firearms?"
Supergirl. Superman's Main Operative, and replacement for the Flash now that he had been gone. Hands on her hips, she appeared as arrogant as the Man of Steel.
Grabbing Helena by the throat, Supergirl's eyes glowed devilishly."I should lobotomize you here and now, but that can wait."
"Why?" Helena said hoarsely. Not that she didn't already know the answer; the techs at Metropolis Detainment Center would use their own methods of info-extract before her eventual trip to Arkham with telltale twin burn marks on her forehead.
"Take her away!" Supergirl snapped. Two Security Officers did just that.
This resistance was more fruitful than futile...

Back on the Watchtower Superman, Supergirl, J'onn and Wonder Woman were centered around a complex device that had just risen from the floor.
"We were contemplating the construction of a binary fusion weapon," the Martian explained."Superman came up with a more sensible deterrent."
"Is this thing on?" Superman asked concerning communications. Kara couldn't help grinning at the often-used joke.
"Yes, Lord Superman," technician Kyle replied. Kyle had been on the tower ever since techies were 'recruited'. At the touch of a button the Watchtower's communications overrode every webcast, telecast, and radio broadcast on Earth. Superman's face was literally everywhere.
"We have tried to serve you in what is your best interests," he said. Supergirl could be seen nodding in the background. "We took our world and made it better, but there are those among you who do not share our vision. You still show opposition; here is the result of your opposition." Now everyone could see multi-angle scenes of both the dissidents from the earlier demonstration and the Watchtower as seen from space.
At a nod from Superman, J'onn said "Activate the Phantomiser." A techie obeyed and a concentrated energy beam fired from some kind of space cannon. Instantly the group was seen to vanish, as did the abandoned warehouse in which they'd been held.
"Any further opposition will not be tolerated," Superman warned. "We only wish to bring you a better world."
"Lord, something's wrong!" Kyle said. Sparks ran across the control panel. "It's some kind of dimensional disturbance."
"Due to your error, Kyle?" J'onn asked, irritated. He'd been that way of late. Something had been trying to make contact and it was slowly driving him insane.
"No, Lord J'onn," Kyle answered. "It's something to do with the controls themselves."
"What's that?" Supergirl asked, hugging up to Kal-El in what Diana considered an inappropiate way.
The long range sensors were indicating that the dimensional disturbance had subsided. In its place, and the place of the former abandoned warehouse, stood a towering, bone-armored grey creature with a mane of white long hair. The creature broke free of its hardened lava bonds and screamed a single name as it began its rampage.
Kal-El, J'onn and Diana recognized the creature immediately.
Doomsday had finally arrived...
Posted:  29 Jul 2006 01:34

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