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»User: »Password:   Remember Me? Forum / Superman / General Discussion / Fan Fiction / United We Fall Part Two

Posted:  23 Jun 2006 22:51
Stu emailed me part two of his fan story United We Fall


by Stu Hiatt


"Get out!"

Helena was womanhandled from the modified police van. Ahead of her and her guards was the Metropolis Detainment Center. Once a proud Natural History Museum, it had since been remodified since the "Kryptonian Occupation" or K.O. as it had been abbreviated. The K.O. symbol decorated this building in much the same way the swastika had decorated various buildings in Nazi Germany. And like that symbol, this one was just as hated.

"Move it!" a guard barked.

Helena felt the gun barrel poking in her back just before the leggy, matured, short-haired young woman dressed in a white costume, red cape, and matching blue gloves and boots swooped down from the sky and took the guard out.

"What took you so lonnnnnggggggg?" Helena asked as she was airlifted admist concentrated gunfire. Needless to say the stun lasers missed their intended targets.

"You're welcome," Galatea Hamilton, or as she was recently calling herself, Power Girl, said.

"Kane to Main Office!" a guard shouted into a videophone. "The prisoner's escaped!"

"How?" Main Office personnel replied.

"She had help. Looked like..Supergirl. On steroids." Kane choked on that last remark.

Main Office personnel sighed. Boy, Supergirl was gonna be so pissed...

Doomsday was seen on the Watchtower monitors throwing cars into buildings.

"Diana, there are people who need your assistance. Kara, create a diversion and lead the creature away from Metropolis until Superman arrives." When they didn't immediately respond to J'onn's orders he hastily added "Well?"

"We're on it," Diana replied. She and Kara transported to the Earth's surface. Wonder Woman prevented a free-flying bus from crashing directly into a group of innocent people.

"Superman! You're not Superman!" Doomsday bellowed.

"He's not available," Supergirl said. "Can I help you?"

"Get out of my way," Doomsday said.

"I thought so," Supergirl said with a smile. She made a fist and reared it back for a strike that never came. Doomsday grabbed her by the head and slowly squeezed.

"You think you can harm me, little girl?"

"I can."


Supergirl was thrown to the side.

"Didn't learn your lesson the first time," Superman said, eyes glowing.

"That won't work on me again," Doomsday said, giving Superman a direct blow to the eyes.

"I told you, you can't beat me the same way twice." Superman was slammed into a building.

Wonder Woman put in her 'two-cents worth', to no avail.

"J'onn, get us out of here!" Superman called. Almost instantly he, Diana and Kara were returned to the Watchtower.

"Have you repaired the damage?" Superman asked.

"Yes, Lord Superman," Kyle said.

"On my mark...Fire!"

Doomsday vanished from sight.

"That was the same creature we encountered in the other dimension," J'onn said dryly.

"That's what I'm thinking," Superman replied. "Something it said. 'I've told you I can't be beaten the same way twice'. It must have healed itself and..fought my counterpart." A wicked smile crossed Kal-El's face. "He tried to lobotomize it."

Maybe there was still hope for that other world, after all.

"Mr. Kyle," J'onn began. "I want a full diagnostic run on the Phantomiser as soon as possible. Inform me of the results. We can't afford to have that creature return again."

Suddenly the communications panel beeped.

"Lord J'onn," technician Palmer said. "Incoming message from M.D.C."

"Go ahead," J'onn said.

"We have a situation.Our prisoner has escaped. She was Supergirl."

"That's impossible," Superman said.

"We're sending you a feed now," the M.D.C. personnel replied.

Helena's rescue could be seen on the monitor. And her rescuess.

"So that's her," Kara said, clenching a fist.

"Who?" All eyes were on Kara.

"Professor Hamilton's results from extracting my DNA when Superman went rogue," Kara said. It wasn't necessary to relive those events; the Justice Lords and a good part of the world already knew the whole story. It'd taken a while to regain everyone's trust, only to have a well-placed slap in the face when the Justice Lords took over the Earth, for the most part. Hamilton's connection with Projekt Cadmus had been discovered, along with links to NuvoGen, where several cloning experiments with human, metahuman and ET DNA had been sanctioned. The frustrating problem was that the Lords hadn't been able to find all of Cadmus' results. At least Professor Emil Hamilton would never again be able to clone anything, not after the way Kara had left him...

"Back to the underworld," Helena said. Living like moles was getting ridiculous.

"Where else are we gonna go?" Galatea said.

"Look," Helena stammered, "I'm sorry I screwed up the mission."

"I wouldn't worry about it," someone else said.

A red-haired young woman confined to a wheelchair turned away from a computer terminal.

"At least we know Bruce is still alive."

Helena's eyes widened. "Where is he?" she asked, but she had already guessed the answer to that question.

"Our informant on 'Mount Olympus' has just contacted us. Bruce is being held there. Oh, and the 'gods' are in an uproar. Seems they're responsible for that monster on the loose." On the computer screen was the downloaded webcast of 'Lords versus Doomsday Round 2'. Barbara Gordon glanced at 'Tea then back at the paused image of Supergirl. "It's uncanny. You still seem to be so much like her."

Galatea noted the stressing hatred on the word 'her'. "I am her, as far as my DNA matrix is concerned. But I'm smarter and stronger. I'm better."

"You have my vote," Helena said.

"Forgive me," Barbara said. "I know you aren't responsible for..this," indicating her paralysis. She brushed away a tear. Kara had been Barbara's best friend until she had joined the Justice Lords and Bruce Wayne's involvement with Projekt Cadmus had been discovered. Kara confronted Barbara, then took it upon herself to show Batgirl 'the error of her ways'. Batgirl had been beaten severely, then dropped from a specific height that wasn't designated to kill, but to set an effective example, and one that was an alternative to lobotomization.

Galatea placed a supportive hand on Barbara's shoulder. "We've all suffered loss."

In Galatea's case, she could remember 'growing up' in a four-year period. Her body had been artificially aged to her mid-20's while simultaneously undergoing extensive mental and physical training. Emil Hamilton had seen to that while being a father figure at the same time.

Then the dreams came. 'Tea had seen, no, felt Barbara Gordon/Batgirl being badly beaten by 'Tea's own hands.Professor Hamilton being brainwiped by her heat vision. Galatea awoke from those nightmares and faced the grim reality that the dreams had come true. Hamilton had the twin burn marks which decorated the foreheads of those who had defied the Justice Lords, only he hadn't been granted the privilege of internment at Arkham. He was left at STAR Labs as a living corpse, a now-useless vegetable, the ultimate demoralizer. 'Tea had the misfortune of seeing his assailant on surveillance videos.


Lobotomizing Daddy. Galatea, tears streaming down her cheeks, holding the shell of a man who had been her only father. She swore terrible oaths, against Kara, against Superman, against the Justice Lords, even against Pa and Ma Kent, only to realize that they wouldn't have raised them like that. Even so, the Kents, along with 'Kal-El's Concubine' Lois Lane had been relocated to the Watchtower now that Clark Kent no longer needed a secret identity. This had been for their protection, now that the Lords had somewhat lost total dominion on the world. Rebel factions might try to kidnap the Kents. Or worse.
Posted:  29 Jul 2006 01:35

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