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Posted:  28 Jun 2006 14:27
hey people, fans of superman alike.

I am a MASSIVE fan of superman, the character has been my ultimate fav since i was a little wee boy.  i cannot say how much i love the superman thing but i do it is the best ever character created.  I get chills when i here the music for the new film it takes me back to being a kid and having no fears in the world and dreaming of things like being able to fly, sad i know but i don't care really.

Just a couple of things thoe.

Firstly Smallville I thought tom welling was the perfect person to take over from the great christopher reeve as he has everything to be next superman.  I will see how brandon ruth does with the new film thoe.

Smallville just does not have enough of superman in the series it is to concerned with larna lang which has to have gone on for ages to to long.

I have watched the series from the beginning and it does have touches of brilliance and then lets itself down with epsiodes were you are thinking what was the point of that episode.

Anyway better stop wafling on, just to say Superman rules and always will in my book.
Posted:  25 Jul 2006 16:05

Perfection is not a knack, but a habit.
Posted:  25 Jul 2006 16:18

Posted:  25 Jul 2006 23:16

"What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not Fail?"

Into the Twin Towers ran the 343 Firefighters
Posted:  05 Jan 2008 05:41
Same here dude, ever since my mother gave me my first uperman toy.
The MAN Rox and I stand with everything he stands 4, but I gotta have my girl Angelina wherever I go. ...
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