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Forum Topics Replies Last Poster
Superman Movies
Discuss Superman Movies.
» Sub-Forums: Christopher Reeve Movies
624 2652 Tim
03 Jan 2017 18:43
Discuss the new TV show and comics of Supergirl, Superman's cousin from Krypton!
57 22 Tim
28 Sep 2016 16:57
DC Comics
Discuss DC Comics here.
» Sub-Forums: Batman,  Flash,  Green Arrow,  Wonder Woman
131 44 Tim
09 Sep 2016 21:41
Other Superheroes
Discuss other heroes here from DC, Marvel, or other comics.
» Sub-Forums: Marvel Comics
23 13 Kal Reeves
22 Jun 2016 07:52
Discuss anything Smallville including questions or comments on the comic book history, the show, or the stars like Tom Welling, John Schneider, Kristin Kreuk, and Michael Rosenbaum.
1867 43002 Kal Reeves
05 May 2016 00:04
1950's Superman George Reeves

51 190 Kal Reeves
14 Jul 2016 06:36
Lois and Clark
Discuss the Teri Hatcher & Dean Cain classic tv series.
47 324 Kal Reeves
16 Mar 2015 01:30
Superman Fan Art & Wallpaper
Talk about stuff you've seen in the Superman Wallpaper section.
92 471 Tim
27 May 2013 15:47
Superman Cartoons
Talk about Justice League, Krypto, or other super hero cartoons.
92 258 Tim
24 Jan 2017 17:13
Superman Comic Books
Talk about comic book artists, storylines, collectibles, and anything to do with Superman, the DC or Marvel Universe.
224 744 Tim
27 Aug 2016 19:11
Discuss the 1980's tv show or the pre-crisis classic comic book series or even the new clone Superboy of today.
21 74 Frankvvvv
21 Jan 2013 06:25
Super Fans
Know any super fans, conventions, or collectors talk about it here.
27 204 Tim
09 Jul 2013 14:24
Superman Role Playing

14 79 fgir
04 Aug 2011 09:37
General Discussion
This section is for all fans of Superman, Smallville, JLA, etc who want to discuss something not related to Supes like other movies, shows, comics, etc.
918 6138 Tim
19 Apr 2017 14:12
Superhero Collectibles
Discuss the art of collecting and showcase collector's items.
25 25 Tim
25 Aug 2016 17:12

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