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Welcome to the Elseworlds of Superman cool and funny pics.
Believe it or not!

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Check out A Make Believe Casting Story of Early Superman

Supes_Joins_Chippendales.jpg (159554 bytes)
Superman a Chippendale?!
 by Ben Burgraff

greatest_american_heroes.jpg (43507 bytes)
The Greatest American Heroes

George Reeves Superman meets Mister Ed

godzilla.jpg (103150 bytes)
Superman and godzilla

Can Superman help Garfield find his lasagna?

by Tyler Bingham

Super Friends vs the Three Stooges

Howard the Duck, Superman and Batman

by Tyler Bingham

Superman and SpongeBob?

We would like to thank Chris for this pic
 startrek2.jpg (38208 bytes)
Superman on Star Trek

TimeTunnel.jpg (85533 bytes)
Superman in the Time Tunnel

supermanstooges.jpg (120296 bytes)
What if the Three Stooges starred with George Reeves on that first 1950's Superman episode that was first a theatrical release "Superman & the Mole Men" - Tim

There's a Scooby Doo Batman movie why not Scooby meets Superman.

Supes_vs_Enterprize.jpg (60163 bytes)
What's this?! The Man of Steel getting fired upon by the Enterprise.

This one is from a real Lois and Clark episode where Clark Kent dreams he and Lois are in a I Love Lucy episode.


Outer_Limits.jpg (63555 bytes)
Superman trapped on the Outer Limits show



DC Comics Merchandise




 Scooby-Doo Meets Batman