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Adam West
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Brendan Fraser
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Bugs Bunny
Chuck Connors
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David Doyle
Dean Cain
Desi Arnaz
Dwight Schultz
Elvis Presley
Frank Gorshin
Gene Hackman
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Gerard Christopher
Glenn Ford
Gregory Peck
Hugh Jackman
Jackie Cooper
Jack Larson
James Earl Jones
Jerry Hardin
Jerry Lewis
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Jim Caviezel
Joaquin Phoenix

John Glover
John Schneider
Jonathan Frakes
Jonathan Taylor Thomas
Josh Hartnett
Kevin Spacey
Keanu Reeves
Kirk Alyn
Larry Hagman
Marlon Brando
Michael Ironside
Michael McKean
Michael Rosenbaum
Muhammed Ali
Ned Beatty
Nicolas Cage
Patrick Wartbuton
Peter O'Toole
Richard Pryor
Robert Culp
Robert Vaughn
Shaquille O'Neal
Shawn Ashmore
Terence Stamp
Thomas F. Wilson
Timothy Daly
Tom Welling
Tony Curtis
William B. Davis
William Devane



This section will present as many photos and posters as possible of Actors and Actresses associated with Superman in one way or another.  You'll find the stars you'd expect like George Reeves, but also actors like Gregory Peck. Did you know according to Superman # 81 To Kill a Mockingbird starring Gregory Peck is Clark Kent's favorite movie, or that Superman appeared in name or by fridge pictures or the statue on his shelf in every episode of Jerry Seinfeld?

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