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This time around for the third Batman movie Val Kilmer plays the super hero with Tommy Lee Jones as Two Face and Jim Carrey as the Riddler. Nicole Kidman and Chris O' Donnel also join the cast. This movie showcases the origin of the Dick Grayson Robin.
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Batman Forever Review: 
Personally I really think  Val Kilmer does a great job as Bruce Wayne and has Batman. In fact I was disappointed when George Clooney took over the role in Batman and Robin. Although, I've got nothing against Clooney as Batman, I just think Kilmer was the right guy for the role. I think Warner Bros made a mistake in thinking it didn't matter who wore the Bat suit.  The only real disappointment was the Riddler. Jim Carrey is a funny actor, but the Riddler performance just was neither that funny or that menacing. It was just strange. The budget for this Batman movie was at an all time high of 100 million dollars. It's opening weekend was the largest of the first four Batman movies at over 52 million dollars. It finally came just under Batman Returns US gross by just a few million with slightly over 184 million.

Favorite line by some hated by others but it made me laugh - "It's the car right. Chicks dig the car!" from Val Kilmer referencing the Batmobile.