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In 1989 a new Bat craze started afresh across the United States and elsewhere. Not such a Bat frenzy had been seen since the days of Adam West and Burt Ward. This Batman however was a little more grim and starred Michael Keaton as the Dark Knight Detective with Tim Burton in charge of the project. Jack Nicholson played the maniac Joker, and Kim Basinger played Bruce Wayne's girlfriend Vicky Vale. The movie inspired music, toys, t-shirts and of course posters, and made over 251 million in box office in the US alone ,and an additional $750 million in merchandising . The movie was made for only around 35 million dollars. 

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Batman Trivia: Although a lot of fans consider Michael Keaton to have been the perfect Batman now. Originally, people thought Keaton was just a comedy actor and could never play the part of the Batman.

Michael Keaton gave up Batman after Batman Returns because he thought it was violent crap. Yep that's what he said on tv interview a few years ago. He only came back for Batman Returns for the great increase in salary.

Adam West the 1960's tv Batman wanted to play the part of Batman for this movie, but of course didn't get it.

Everybody knows the line from the movie "I'm Batman!"