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It's Marvel Comics Avengers posters with the Incredible Hulk, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Black Widow, Thor, and Captain America. If you have a little extra money it may be well worth it to get one of these awesome pieces of art work for your comic book room, den, bedroom, or weight room. I'd put something like this in my living room, but my wife would complain. She still won't let me put my Three Stooges poster in the living room. Of course, my comic book room has got so many superhero posters I'd have to take one down to make room for anymore. Always room somehow though.
Avengers Defending City Poster
Avengers Defending City Poster by AvengersClassics
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This one above is from the animated Avengers cartoon series.  

Captain America and Superman have a lot in common. Both are into Truth, Justice, and the American way. When the Marvel and DC amalgam comics came out in the 90's they featured a combination between Cap and Superman called Super Soldier. There were 2 of these books produced so far.
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1997 Super Soldier

Captain America is a super soldier who values health and fitness. You should too with sports merchandise. These are products with designs I, your webmaster have created.