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Christopher Reeve's Cult movie classic also starring Jayne Seymour. Reeve travels back in time to meet a woman.

 Somewhere in Time (Collector's Edition)

In his first film after the star-making success of Superman, Christopher Reeve stars as a contemporary playwright who visits a posh hotel and sees the portrait of an actress (Jane Seymour) who had performed there in 1912. He becomes obsessed with this beautiful woman and learns all he can about her, and then discovers a method of hypnotically transporting himself backward in time to meet her. "Is it ... you?" she says upon seeing the lovestruck playwright, and it's clearly a mutual attraction. But even the slightest reminder of the playwright's modern time can jar him from his seemingly real existence in the past, so his wonderful love affair is constantly just a step from being stolen away.


The entire Christopher Reeve Superman series on DVD

Superman - 4 Film Favorites
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The first Superman movie that made you believe a man could fly.

Superman the Movie
The original classic that started it all for the modern comic book movie starring Christopher Reeve.
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Superman vs Zod and his evil Kryptonian buddies.

Superman II
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Kneel before Zod or don't, but how do you beat three...count em' three super powered criminals from the planet Krypton?  Superman is faced with that awful question in Superman II.

Superman II the Donner Cut
With Jor-El (Marlon Brando in recently discovered footage) in key scenes that amplify Superman lore and deepen the profound relationship between father and son. With different Lois Lane (Margot Kidder) schemes to unmask Clark Kent as Superman. With...well, with so many changes, large and small, that this Superman II is an eye-opening alternate experience. Director Richard Donner began shooting his vision of Superman II while concurrently filming Superman The Movie. Now, for the first time, his never-before-seen vision is here. And it's a must for every Superman fan, an important addition to the legend of the Man of Steel. Buy it on [Blu-ray]    Buy the The Richard Donner Cut on DVD


Superman III DVD
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Superman faces his evil half and revisits Smallville!

Superman IV on DVD
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Superman takes on the very powerful Nuclear Man in a fight that spans the globe! 



 The Aviator

 Christopher Reeve plays a World War 1 vet who crashes in the mountains,
and has to survive with little food.

Christopher Reeve (Superman) and Rosanna Arquette (Pulp Fiction) star in this thrilling post-World War I drama about survival, romance and the resilience of the human spirit. Co-starring Oscar nominee Jack Warden (The Replacements) and Tyne Daly ("Judging Amy"), The Aviator soars with adventure. As a solo pilot for the nation's newly-formed airmail service, Edgar Anscombe (Reeve), a man haunted by a tragic memory, has made a career of keeping tohimself over the years. But one day he's unexpectedly assigned an involuntary passenger: the rebellious and outspoken Tillie Hansen (Arquette), whose unrelenting impudence drives Edgar crazy! But when their plane is forced to crash-land in a rugged and desolate mountain canyon, the unlikely companions find they have only one source of hope against the excruciating elements, the savage wilderness and a pack of hungry wolves: each other! *Supporting Actor, Heaven Can Wait (1978); Shampoo (1975)


The Christopher Reeve Superman Collection
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All 4 Christopher Reeve Superman movies



Smallville - The Complete Third Season
from: Warner Home Video
16 November, 2004
 Christopher Reeve guest stars on the episode Legacy


Smallville - The Complete Second Season
from: Warner Home Video
18 May, 2004
 Christopher Reeve guest stars on the episode Rosetta


   Rear Window

A quadriplegic confined to his apartment passes the long hours by spying on his neighbors. His innocent pastime takes a deadly turn when he thinks he witnesses a murder.