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The Official Smallville Magazine #1 

Tom Welling Interview from Smallville Magazine

Commenting on the end of season three, where things were looking pretty bleak for the young Clark – Lana left for Paris, Pete fled Smallville, Lex betrayed him, Chloe was blown up, Jonathan was mortally injured and Clark was left naked in the void… 

It’s not easy being in Clark’s shoes! There are a lot of sacrifices and hardships for him. He gives up a lot of personal gain for humanity’s sake. 

And on being left naked in the void…

‘It’s becoming a recurring theme! It seems that when people are in the most trouble in Smallville they lose their clothes!’ 

As for a favorite season three episode…

Exile was a fun one to do. There’s Clark and then there’s Red Clark, his opposite, and I’m always looking forward to playing Red Clark.’ 

Which other character would he most like to play?

‘Lex Luthor! I wouldn’t mind having my head shaved – as an actor, getting to play the complete opposite of your character’ rest of the quote ‘Clark will put himself in front of the car for someone else – Lex is a little more “maybe there’s someone else I can throw in front of the car to save you!”’ 

On friend Sam Jones III’s (Pete Ross) departure from the show:

‘I know that Pete has left Smallville, but Sam has definitely not. He’s one of the original cast members – as far as we’re concerned he’s still here and I’m always going to be pushing for Pete to show up in town again.’ 

On the future of Clark…
‘I don’t know where Clark is going and I think that’s probably a good thing right now – neither does he! 

On Lois Lane…
It’s fun as an actor to bring another character from the mythology in. I think that’s interesting, and a fun angle to play.

The first monthly issue of Smallville Magazine is on sale September 28! The long awaited magazine will follow the young Clark Kent (Tom Welling), girl next door Lana Lang (Kristin Kreuk), nemesis-in-waiting Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), and all the other residents of Smallville as they come to terms and deal with the effects of that fateful 1989 meteor crash! 

    Need an instant Smallville e-fix? To subscribe to the free Smallville Magazine ezine email [email protected] and mark the subject box ‘subscribe’. 

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Justice League 
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