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The death of Jonathan Kent was once foretold in the first season's episode: Hourglass

Tribute to Jonathan Kent  - what was John Schneider's perspective on Jonathan's death?

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Jonathan Kent Fan Art Tributes
Smallville: Reckoning   John Schneider  Interviews
These wallpaper images are created to commemorate the great job John Schneider did on Smallville as Superman's dad Jonathan Kent.
Jonathan Kent  died January 26, 2006 on the episode Reckoning

jonathan-kent-superman.jpg (76214 bytes)
Without Jonathan Kent there would be no Superman.

jonathankent-tribute.jpg (97277 bytes)
We will never forget
by Aerolectric  

Aerolectric made this image in tribute to Jonathan Kent. One of them is in English and the other in Kryptonian.

key.jpg (98654 bytes)

key2.jpg (80714 bytes)

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Reckoning Wallpaper

wallpaper.jpg (74971 bytes)

funeral-large.jpg (42886 bytes)

cemetary.jpg (76888 bytes)

lana-lex.jpg (37860 bytes)


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