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Smallville News Archive
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 Geoff Johns Brings the Legion to 'Smallville'

The Legion of Super-Heroes is coming to Smallville, and the writer who's guiding the futuristic team in comic books will be the one introducing them to the show.
Legion of Superheroes Come to Smallville

Sam Witwer and Cassidy Freeman have been cast as series regular villains for Season 8 of Smallville, The CW announced on Thursday night.

Witwer, 30, will play Davis Bloome, "a charismatic Metropolis paramedic who -- when he isn't saving people -- is forced to confront a burgeoning darkness inside of him that just might be a harbinger of doom."
New Villains at Smallville

Maxima Is Cast!

Smallville Fifth Season Official Description & Clips

My ReviewI add my 2 cents and discuss the 5th season. A lot of exciting, happy, and sad tear jerking moments were apart of the 5th season.
5th Season Promo Images - Great behind the scenes and episode promos.

What if Jor-El on Smallville Was Really Zod?
Ok, no to start any rumors, but wouldn't it be awesome if Terence Stamp who has been doing the voice of Jor-El on Smallville was in fact reprising his role as Zod from the Superman movies?
Could he be in the Phantom Zone planning to take over Earth with Clark's help, or maybe just using Clark to escape the Phantom Zone? Could he be planning to crush the son of his jailer?
More on Zod!

Related Forum Topics 
How does Jor-El Speak from the dead?
What if Jor-El is Zod?


Supergirl comes to Smallville

Since Kara Clark's cousin aka Supergirl is made her way to Smallville in season 7. I thought it might be a good idea to review the history of Supergirl. Who knows what little details in comic history might be important in getting the full enjoyment of this year's Smallville. So take a minute to read the
History of Supergirl.

History of Bizarro

Find out about the bizarre origins of Bizarro.

Images and episode description
of movie Supergirl Helen Slater's debut on Smallville.

Smallville Season Six

Smallville Season Six  Reviews

Go straight to Amazon to order
This is the season Clark faces Zod, and gets help from Green Arrow and the Justice League to fight Lex Luthor's evil schemes!

Will John Schneider be brought back?  He's scheduled for at least 2 episodes. 
This from John Glover aka Lionel Luthor "He's here today, actually," Glover says. "There's a nice twist to who he is in this episode. He's made a couple appearances. There was some Krypton-ese thing where he comes back. This is his second appearance after that."

After all, death is seldom an impediment to future TV guest appearances.

Glover adds, "Especially on 'Smallville.'"
Read the whole interview


Have you all noticed this poster in Lana's room  that was last seen on the episode Fragile?  It's getting to be a regular site on Smallville isn't it?

proof.jpg (57196 bytes)

lana.jpg (48179 bytes)

Tom Welling Quote on Smallville Death! Posted 2006
Tom Welling tells concerning the 100th episodes, "This show did a really good job, leading up to this episode, to not hint toward it at all," Welling says. "And when the death occurs, it's a complete surprise to every single character."

Does that mean then that it's not Lana or Jonathan that's going to die? Don't know about you, but I'm a nervous wreck. I can't stand the suspense.
Talk about it on the board  

Late 2005
Smallville Executive Producer Alfred Gough has revealed to TV Guide that Jor-El will be coming to take the life of someone who is close to Clark. The episode number 12 of this season "Reckoning"  will also be the series' 100th show.  

Personally, I'm hoping it's a brand new character introduced just for this episode. I do not want Jonathan to get killed. There is a lot of speculation going around he's in trouble because the Superman movie dad Glenn Ford was killed by a heart attack before Clark came to be Superman. Smallville's Jonathan has a heart issue he gained from temporarily gaining super powers in episode " Exile " Ever since the mid 1980's though Jonathan has been alive and kicking.

Chloe isn't safe either since she was never really an existing character in DC Comics to begin with.
Discuss who dies on the 100th episode on the board 

Posted 2005 Dukes Reunited
Welling - Dude, did you see Lois, forget about Lana I'm in Love!
 The Duke Boys reunited in a blue Dodge Charger on Smallville, and Lois got Clark's attention with her dancing skills. Now we know why he marries her. Seen here is Clark still smiling 2 weeks later after the club incident!

Clark and Lana Together this Year
posted Aug 05, 2005

From "Operation Picnic Under the Oak Tree - Our Save Clana Campaign has not fallen on deaf ears and Thanks to everyone for their love and support.. WE did it!! 

 The campaign was started by Clark Kent and Lana Lang fans that wanted to two to stay together on the show. Mile Millar has said that Clark and Lana will be dating this year. Millar said. "They've been talking about it for five years, we thought it was time for them to actually do something about it." And could Lana handle Clark's secret? "That's the question that haunts Clark every day of his life. Should he risk telling her or not. You'll have to wait and see what he does."  
What  do you think? Post it on the board

Laurent Collin-Szlejer Images
We now have a link to the trailer
Superman Fan Trailer  Click on the red button that says ICI to download. It's approximately 15 mgs. You'll have to unzip it before you play it.

New Laurent Collin-Szlejer pictures are now up from his new fan trailer. These were sent in by Jean-Charles  [email protected] .

What do you think does he look like Tom Welling or have I been subjected to too much Kryptonite and my eyesight has started to fail? The controversy continues.

Tell us what you think

A Review on “Power Shortcuts for Adobe Photoshop CS”

  Smallville Season 3 DVDs  at Amazon

Smallville Third Season DVD Details
Warner Bros online has shared with us the Details of the new DVD including episode synopsis and description of the extras

Clark and Lana Fans Unite
posted Dec 29 2004
Clark and Lana fans have united to launch an INTERNATIONAL campaign called "Operation Picnic Under the Oak Tree

All Clana fans are requested to unite and join the campaign to help in the cause and save your favorite ship. Click on the banner to see how you can help.

Smallville Magazine #2
posted Oct 28, 2004
Smallville magazine has shared some excerpts from the new magazine on sale now including interviews with Smallville's Erica Durance – Lois Lane, Michael Rosenbaum – Lex Luthor, Annette O’Toole – Martha Kent, John Schneider – Jonathan Kent, Jensen Ackles – Jason Teague, and Emmanuelle Vaugier – Dr. Helen Bryce.

Read what John Schneider had to say about directing the episode Tailsman.  Find out what Emmanuelle Vaugier thought of her character Dr. Helen Bryce. more

Somewhere in Time (1980) - 11" x 14" Masterprint Poster - Style B

Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman comes to Smallville in November
posted Oct 26
Christopher Reeve's co-star from the cult classic Somewhere in Time, Jane Seymour, comes to Smallville.

The Flash Episode "Run"
posted Oct 21, 2004

The Flash guest starred on an episode of the 1990's Superman the Animated Series where they race across the planet.
Flash History

Superman and the Flash have a long history of competing against one another racing.

Starting in the 1960's even up to now Superman has chased or raced the Flash several times
Superman Flash Races

If you wondering about the last night's episode "Run" on the Flash. It would appear from the story that it wasn't the Flash who originally gets his powers as an adult , but the Barry Allen Flash's grandson Bart Allen from the future. His character in the comics is known as Impulse.
Did you catch the line when Bart said he was a 100 yrs from the future while trying to score points with Chloe?  Also his fake Id's were all separate Flash secret identities.. Wally West, Jay Garrick, and Barry Allen. 
Post your comments on the episode

Impulse History

Smallville Bart Allen

Christopher Reeve Dies at 52

Posted Oct 11, 2004
Christopher Reeve died Sunday of complications from an infection caused by a bedsore. He went into cardiac arrest Saturday, while at his Pound Ridge home, then fell into a coma and died Sunday at a hospital surrounded by his family, his publicist said.
share your comments on this great loss

Smallville Magazine

Sept 28 , 04

On sale now!

Titans magazine sent another snippet from the Tom Welling Interview from Smallville Magazine # 1 out today.

On the future of Clark…
‘I don’t know where Clark is going and I think that’s probably a good thing right now – neither does he! 

On Lois Lane…
It’s fun as an actor to bring another character from the mythology in. I think that’s interesting, and a fun angle to play.

Tom Welling Interview
Check out what Tom Welling had to say in the new Smallville Magazine coming out September 28.  Find out what he has to say about Pete leaving Smallville, and his comments on Lex Luthor.
 Thanks to for the article. 


Lois Lane

Smallville Season Premier Crusade
posted Sept 23 2004
Clark finally flew like a Rocket on last nights episode "Crusade".  When he first took off it looked just like the Matrix. Amazing special effects for a tv show.  It's hard to believe they can actually make the flying sequence  look even better than the Christopher Reeve movies. Definitely need the flying sequences to return soon. One thing though at some point it would have been great if he put his fist out like Superman in the movies.

Margot Kidder did a great job as Dr. Swann's emissary, as did the new Lois Lane (Erica Durance) who seemed to have a cigarette problem just like Margot when she played Lois in the movies. It was also a good touch to have Margot's character explain she was once in love with Dr. Swann (Christopher Reeve's character).

Did anyone notice the blanket wrapped around Clark in the hospital was red like a giant cape?

I loved the ending.  Finding out Chloe is alive right at the end was cool, but the question is how is Clark going to explain to Lois how he knows she is alive. He can't just say I used my x-ray vision.
What did you think of the episode?

Romance in Smallville

Check out the new Romantic Smallville Wallpaper section. 
Excellent images focusing on Lana and Clark.

Coming September 28 the first monthly issue of Smallville Magazine.

Find out what's in the Smallville Magazine plus excerpts from Al Gough interview

For UK Smallville fans - Smallville yearbook press release.

New Superman Movie Casting
posted August 20, 2004
Apparently, a lot of people are trying out for the new Superman flick from unknowns to the stars, including Tom Welling of Smallville. According to Superman-V it looks like Tom has agreed to play Superman, but he still faces some stiff competition including
James Caviezel from the movie Passion of the Christ , this years big hit. Also IESB talked to "Big Brother" star Nathan Marlow who confirms he too has tested for the role of 'Superman." "I auditioned for the role of Superman, you know it's kind of funny, I went in there and Jake Gyllenhaal was right in front of me and Josh Hartnett was coming in after me.
What do you think? Post it on the board.

There's more fan computer art speculating on what a Superman movie would look like if Tom Welling played Superman in the Smallville Wallpaper section

plus some other great Smallville wallpaper!

The Season 3 Episode Guide is finally up-to-date which includes what music played on each episode

check out some of the Smallville Merchandise that's currently out like these Smallville cards, posters, and photos.



Archive pages 1 2  3  4  5 for new Smallville News