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THE ADVENTURES OF Superboy TV Show Season One Episode Guide


Superboy Season One Review   Fan Reviews

Season One Episodes 1 -14  Episodes 15 - 26

1. The Jewel of Techacal -  Lana Lang's father shows up, and Lex Luthor steals a rare Mayan relic on display at Shuster University.

Luthor escapes in a cool Mustang convertible.

Before Luthor loses his hair

John Haymes Newton

2. A Kind of Princess - Ed Winter guest stars as a mob boss who happens to be the father of Clark's new girlfriend.

3. Back to Oblivion -  Abe Vigoda plays a man dealing with his terrible past from World War II. You might remember him from Barney Miller. 

And Lana Lang goes swimming after a quick meal.

4. The Russian Exchange Student -  Ray Walston guest stars as scientist creating a new source of fuel that runs into sabotage from the oil companies. Who would ever believe an oil company could be crooked? Ray is best remembered for the movie "Fast Times at Ridgemont High"  as Mr. Hand. You have to give him credit, he at least tried to straighten out Sean Penn
. Ray also starred in the TV series My Favorite Martian, and in Picket Fences as a cranky old judge.

5. Countdown to Nowhere -  Doug Barr guest stars as  a bad guy who kidnaps Lana Lang. This was actually supposed to be the pilot episode from what I've read. It shows us the first appearance of Superboy to the world. I am a little curious as to why no mention was ever made of Superboy existing before his college days, while he lived in Smallville. This is the only time in the first season you'll hear the famous line, " I stand for truth, justice, and the American way." He says it at the Kennedy Space Center
about the same time the Space Shuttle is to take off.

Doug Barr

6. Bringing Down the House - Leif Garrett guest stars as a nutty obsessed collector who kidnaps Lana. Lana gets into trouble a lot in the first season. Garrett was a famous teen idol back in the 70's.

Leif Garrett

7.  The Beast and Beauty - This episode was directed by Superman the Movie's Perry White none other than legendary actor Jackie Cooper. Superboy is accused and arrested for crimes he did not commit .

8. The Fixer - Guest stars James Hampton from the classic TV series F-Troop and the movie Teen Wolf, Globetrotter Curly Neal, and Michael Landon Jr. This episode revolves around basketball
and who better to get than Globetrotter legend Curly Neal  for a cameo and James Hampton to star as a coach who had a couple of years earlier starred in Teen Wolf, a movie that revolved around basketball as well. (Strange but I bought F-Troop Season One the exact same time I bought Superboy Season One) Michael Landon Jr. of course is the son of Michael Landon, who was  famous for Bonanza and Little House on the Prairie. 

Globetrotter Curly Neal

F-Trooper Daubs James Hampton

Basketball referee

9.The Alien Solution -  An alien that can inhabit anybody almost kills Lana Lang.

10.  Troubled Waters - Jonathan Kent, played by Stuart Whitman, Martha Kent, and Smallville make their first appearance on Superboy.

11. The Invisible People - Possum on a gumb bush, Enos Strate from the Dukes of Hazzard...that is, Sonny Shroyer guest stars as a mean J.R. Ewing type businessman trampling on the rights of the homeless. Luckily Superboy and Mission Impossible's Greg Morris are there to save the day.


12. Kryptonite Kills - The first appearance of Kryptonite on Superboy and guess who has it, Lex Luthor. Scott Wells stars as Lex Luthor along with guest star George Chakiris.


13 and 14 are part of a two-parter, Revenge of the Alien - Jonathan Kent, played by Stuart Whitman, shows up again and becomes possessed by the alien from episode # 9, The Alien Solution. Jonathan gets taken over by the alien, and yes, that's right, you guessed it, kidnaps Lana!

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