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Lois and Clark Wallpaper | Smallville WallpaperSuperman Movies Wallpaper |Superman Patriotic Wallpaper Incredible Hulk VS  Superman |
Superman's greatest battles and teamups wallpaper
| Superman vs Shazam
Superman What Ifs | 50's Superman Wallpaper | World's Finest
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Superman Jim Lee Covers

These are the last covers from the Jim Lee run. The two covers joined together form this picture.

These are issues from my own personal collection. I will try to put more up later as time allows. To save as wallpaper just double click and then right click on the larger version and choose set as background.

action361.jpg (196050 bytes)
Action comics 361
  actioncomics350.jpg (185172 bytes)
Action comics 350
  action426.jpg (193661 bytes)
Action comics 426
action428.jpg (176445 bytes)
Action comics 428
  action435.jpg (228388 bytes)
Action comics 435
  action512.jpg (270463 bytes)
Action comics 512
lastaction.jpg (217142 bytes)
Action comics 583
Last action before 80's revamp
  dccomicspresentsannual1.jpg (134531 bytes)
DC Comics present 1
  LEXluthor.jpg (199534 bytes)
Superman 292
origin of Lex Luthor
sup511.jpg (248064 bytes)
Superman 511
  superboy128.jpg (147580 bytes)
Superboy 128
1960's comic
  superboy137.jpg (227257 bytes)
Superboy 137
superman8.jpg (235055 bytes)
Superman 8 2nd series
  superman14.jpg (228996 bytes)
Superman 14 2nd series
  superman75.jpg (193076 bytes)
Superman 75 death of Superman
superman78.jpg (112632 bytes)
Superman 78
  superman110.jpg (143061 bytes)
Superman 110
  superman123.jpg (136321 bytes)
Superman 123 New Superman
superman317.jpg (222878 bytes)
Superman 317
  superman477.jpg (307987 bytes)
Superman 477
  superman497doomsday.jpg (254345 bytes)
Superman 497 Doomsday
superman500.jpg (123215 bytes)
Superman 500
  superman504.jpg (244451 bytes)
Superman 504
  superman505.jpg (219991 bytes)
Superman 505
Superman505b.jpg (242309 bytes)
Superman 505 alternate cover
  superman506.jpg (258364 bytes)
Superman 506
  supermanmanofsteel20.jpg (174444 bytes)
Superman man of steel 20

supermanofsteel81.jpg (187966 bytes)
Superman man of steel 81


  worldsfinest.jpg (212978 bytes)

World's Finest 129 early comic

the Death.jpg (84207 bytes)
Crisis cover and Death of Superman Novel


Superman 126

1971.jpg (84681 bytes)
Superman in the Seventies

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