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The Adventures of Superman Episode Guide


Pilot Episode
Superman And The Mole Men (12/18/1951)
Originally a theatrical release was separated into 2 different episodes called The Unknown People
more on the first George Reeves Superman episode



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The Adventures of Superman Seasons

George Reeves The Adventures of Superman - The First Season

1-"Superman on Earth" (9/19/1952)
An infant boy is rocketed from the dying planet Krypton to Earth and is reared by a kindly couple. As a young man, Clark Kent gets a job at The Daily Planet newspaper. As Superman, he rescues a man from a dirigible.

2-"The Haunted Lighthouse" (9/26/1952) 
Jimmy Olson visits his aunt and discovers a group of smugglers on her island home.

3-"The Talkative Dummy" (10/3/1952)
Armored cars are robbed and then disappear. A ventriloquist's dummy is used to transmit the armored car routes.

4-"The Mystery of the Statues" (10/10/1952)
Two elderly men buy and destroy small statues all over Metropolis. Lois investigates and is captured and almost killed before Superman rescues her.

5-"The Monkey Mystery" (10/17/1952)
A secret formula used in defense of atomic warfare is stolen. Superman gets a trained monkey to help get it back.

6-"A Night of Terror" (10/24/1952)
Lois Lane is vacationing in Canada when she's kidnapped by gunmen. Jimmy tries to help her, but gets captured as well.

7-"The Birthday Letter" (10/31/1952)
A young girl is kidnapped by counterfeiters when she mistakenly receives printing plates from a French Bank.

8-"The Mind Machine" (11/7/1952)
Three congressional witnesses are killed by a hypno-therapy machine run by Lou Cranek, "Kingpin of Crime."

9-"Rescue" (11/14/1952)
Lois tries to rescue a coal miner who is trapped in a mine, but she becomes trapped as well.

10-"The Secret of Superman" (11/21/1952)
The evil Dr. Ort tries to drug Superman and control his will. He then captures Lois and Jimmy.

11-"No Holds Barred" (11/28/1952)
A young wrestling champ tries to expose crooked wrestling. Superman breaks up the ring and rescues him.

12-"The Deserted Village" (12/5/1952)
A "killing fog" and a strange sea monster drive people away from their village. It turns out that a druggist and his son have discovered a deposit of hydrozite, an element of the hydrogen bomb.

13-"The Stolen Costume" (12/12/1952)
A thief steals Clark's Superman costume and tries to sell it. Clark uses a clever trick to get it back.

14-"Treasure of the Incas" (12/19/1952)
Looking for Incan treasure, Lois and Jimmy are seized by desperate gunmen.

15-"Double Trouble" (12/26/1952)
The Von Klaven twins steal a million dollar radium core from the U.S. Medical Corps. When one brother is murdered, Superman cracks the case and brings the other to justice.

16-"Mystery in Wax" (1/2/1953)
Madame Selena, operator of a wax museum, predicts deaths that come true. When Mr. White disappears, Superman investigates.

17-"The Runaway Robot" (1/9/1953)
A correspondent of The Daily Planet invents a robot which is stolen by robbers to use for looting banks.

18-"Drums of Death" (1/16/1953)
Haitian voodoo worshippers capture Jimmy and Perry White's sister.

19-"The Evil Three" (1/23/1953)
Three strange men try to scare Jimmy and Mr. White out of an abandoned hotel.

20-"The Riddle of the Chinese Jade" (1/30/1953)
An expensive figurine is stolen before it can be presented to the National Museum. Superman reveals the thief. 

21-"The Human Bomb" (2/6/1953)
"Bet-A-Million" Butler, a racketeer and gambler, schemes to keep Superman helpless while robbing the Metropolis Museum. 

22-"Czar of the Underworld"
Clark and Inspector Henderson are warned by a gang leader to "lay off" of a film about crime. After murder and sabotage on the set, Superman sees to it that the film is completed. 

23-"The Ghost Wolf" (2/20/1953)
Lumberjacks leave their job fearing a werewolf. A forest fire enlivens the plot. 

24-"Crime Wave" (2/27/1953)
A gigantic crime wave sweeps Metropolis. Superman is exposed to atomic rays. 

25-"Unknown People - Part I"
Investigating the world's deepest oil well, Clark and Lois find that it has been dug into a world in the center of the Earth. This two-parter was edited from a single theatrical release entitled Superman and the Molemen. 

Originally a theatrical release
Superman And The Mole Men (12/18/1951)

26-"Unknown People - Part II"
A strange creature emerges from the well and is wounded by the excited citizens. Superman helps him and gains his trust. 

Superman And The Mole Men (12/18/1951)
Originally a theatrical release




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