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Sixth Season

92-"The Last Knight" (2/3/1958)
The leader of "The Society for the Preservation of Knighthood and Dragos" steals a suit of armor and plans to do away with the other members and steal their money. 

93-"The Magic Secret" (2/10/1958)
An eccentric professor discovers a way to focus Kryptonite particles from space into a beam to disarm Superman. 

94-"Divide and Conquer" (2/17/1958)
An assasination attempt is made on the president of a Latin American country which the staff of The Daily Planet is visiting. Superman saves him, but is accused of the crime. 

95-"The Mysterious Cube" (2/24/1958)
A criminal creates a steel cube in which to imprison himself so that he can be declared legally dead and absolved of his crimes. 

96-"The Atomic Captive" (3/3/1958)
Lois and Jimmy attempt to rescue Dr. Ladislav, a nuclear scientist, from foreign agents. 

97-"The Superman Silver Mine" (3/10/1958)
Mr. Pebble, a prospector, donates a silver mine to a children's fund. A crook impersonates him and captures Mr. Pebbles, Lois and Jimmy. 

98-"The Big Forget" (3/17/1958)
Lois and Jimmy try to use an anti-memory vapor to catch a criminal--but the crook captures them and absconds with the vapor. Clark reveals his identity to save them! 

99-"The Gentle Monster" (3/24/1958)
A kind professor's robot is stolen by racketeers, who use it to their advantage. Unfortunately for Superman, the robot's power unit uses Kryptonite. 

100-"Superman's Wife" (3/31/1958)
Superman proposes to a beautiful blonde sergeant on the police force. Lois is heartbroken, but reports the story. A gang leader kidnaps Mrs. Superman. 

101-"Three in One" (4/7/1958)
A circus is forced to close because two performers steal the operational funds. Superman is arrested for the crime. 

102-"The Brainy Burro" (4/14/1958)
Lois and Jimmy investigate the story of a Mexican boy whose burro can read minds. Meanwhile, crooks use the burro to rob a bank. 

103-"The Perils of Superman" (4/21/1958)
A master criminal plans a terrible trap for each of Superman's friends: Lois, Jimmy, Perry White and Clark Kent. 

104-"All That Glitters" (4/28/1958)
Professor Pepperwinkle learns how to make gold from base metal. Crooks force the professor to do it, but the professor has another secret: how to make any man Superman! 





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