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Superman Movie Wallpaper
Click image for larger wallpaper sized image *New User Images Gallery

Superman_escapevelocity.jpg (83359 bytes)
Superman Escape Velocity
by Arick Salmea

superman-flying.jpg (59022 bytes)
Superman Flying
by Arick Salmea

christopher_reeve.jpg (104410 bytes)
Christopher Reeve Passing the Shield

Christopher Reeve with American Flag


by Rob Catlin

by Levi from Loveland , Colorado


by Levi from Loveland , Colorado

by Levi from Loveland , Colorado

by Levi from Loveland , Colorado

Supermantvguideflag.jpg (64826 bytes)
Christopher Reeve and the American Flag

supermanpatriotic.jpg (66014 bytes)
Superman & American Flag

sent in by Mike from St. Augustine, Florida.

supermanmovie.jpg (78107 bytes)

superman.jpg (117043 bytes)

superman2.jpg (164237 bytes)

krypton2.jpg (46816 bytes)

liberty.jpg (47032 bytes)

love.jpg (41288 bytes)

reflection.jpg (46158 bytes)

smallville.jpg (63186 bytes)

superman2.jpg (36622 bytes)

superman3.jpg (41658 bytes)

superman4.jpg (39426 bytes)

superman III comicbook cover

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Marlon Brando Posters
See pictures & movie posters of the man who brought Jor-El to life and made the Krypton scenes so memorable. See images of the late Marlon Brando's other movies including "A Streetcar named Desire", and "On the Waterfront".

Batman Posters
Batman pictures & posters from all movies and Adam West television show.

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Previously unseen footage added by Director Richard Donner
4 Behind-the-Scenes Documentaries:
The Magic Behind the Cape (Special Effects)
Making Superman: Filming the Legend (Production and Release)
Screen Tests (Casting)
Taking Flight: The Development of Superman (Preproduction)
Feature-Length Audio Commentary by Director Richard Donner and Creative Consultant Tom Mankiewicz
Superman and Lois Lane Screen Tests
Audio Outtakes: Alternate Scoring for 8 Sequences
Music-Only Audio Track (Dolby 5.1) showcasing John Williams' Magnificent Score
2 Deleted Scenes




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