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Superman Returns Home  Tribute to Christopher Reeve Fan Art

Superman Returns Movie Art Wallpaper Page 1 2

The new Bryan Singer Superman movie 2006. 
Click image for larger wallpaper sized image

Make sure you talk about your favorite wallpaper on the message board wallpaper section *New User Images Gallery

Batman_Superman.jpg (124602 bytes)
New World's Finest Team
by Michael Cross
superman_returns_2006.jpg (66430 bytes)
Superman Returns 2006
by Michael Cross
Superman_s_hair.jpg (16576 bytes)
Superman's Hair
sent in by Heath Olson
superman-milk.jpg (72661 bytes)
Got Milk
superman-space.jpg (20633 bytes)
Superman in space

sent in Heath Olson
fly.jpg (91856 bytes)
You will believe a man can fly
moon.jpg (61431 bytes)
Superman in space
Superman_Returns_wallpaper.jpg (35119 bytes)
Superman Returns

sent in Heath Olson
sky-lois.jpg (84884 bytes)
Lois and Clark
lex-luthor.jpg (59430 bytes)
Lex Luthor
superman-logo.jpg (86504 bytes)
Superman Returns logo in the sky
man-of-steel.jpg (55620 bytes)
Clark Kent the Man of Steel
super-strength.jpg (82009 bytes)
Super Strength
secret-identity.jpg (66913 bytes)
Secret Identity
legend.jpg (107558 bytes)
It's a bird. It's a plane. It's a legend.
by Super Adrian  [email protected]
superman.jpg (77835 bytes)
Superman flying
logo.jpg (22172 bytes)
Superman Logo Wallpaper
superman-returns.jpg (44543 bytes)
Brandon Routh
finallogo.jpg (46211 bytes)
Superman Returns Official Logo
superman_symbol.jpg (93973 bytes)
Superman S Symbol in Space
newsuperman.jpg (136430 bytes)
Superman Returns
The New Superman Brandon Routh
Joe wakely [email protected]
brandon-space.jpg (53044 bytes)
Superman in space
Tyler Bingham
supermanreturns-teaser.jpg (36486 bytes)
Superman Returns Teaser
by Arick Salmea

superman_routh.jpg (70891 bytes)
Brandon Routh as Superman
by Arick Salmea

poster.jpg (39420 bytes)
Superman Returns Poster
Done in the same style as the original Superman Movie Poster
Joe wakely [email protected]

american-flag.jpg (55297 bytes)
Superman and the American Flag with black background

sky.jpg (67521 bytes)
Superman insignia in the sky

Joe wakely [email protected]

Superman-Returns.jpg (36621 bytes)
Superman Returns
from space.
by Arick Salmea post your opinion

Superman Returns Movie Art Wallpaper Page 1 2

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