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The Adventures of Superman Episode: "The Runaway Robot"
Superman vs the Professor (Russell Johnson) from Gilligan's Island ? 


The long-suppressed lapse of judgment occurred in AOS, Season One, Episode 17 ("The Runaway Robot")...a wacky scientist (one of many in Metropolis) created a clunky-looking robot, and the pair were quickly kidnapped by the Professor and some stooges (grad students?), who used the device for crime...of course, they didn't realize the robot's radio could be used to transmit messages, and in an unguarded moment, the scientist puts out a distress call...which reaches, not the police, but LOIS LANE! The single-minded reporter, in 'snooping mode', barges into the hideout,  and is in a fix...the hoods have learned how to operate the robot, and no longer need the scientist OR the nosy reporter...they turn the robot on Lois, and things look desperate (you never have a can opener when you NEED one), when Superman flies in through a conveniently open skylight! The robot falls to pieces punching Supe's invulnerable skin, and faster than you can say "The Minnow Would Be Lost, The Minnow Would Be Lost", the Professor and his gang are in a heap against the wall! Lois is saved (again), the scientist goes back to the safety of chemical weapon research, and the Professor gets to teach at Alcatraz U. for a few semesters!

synopsis & black and white image colorized by Ben Burgraff

All that time we thought the Professor was cooking up stuff to get Gilligan and the gang off of the island, he might have been trying to figure out how to take over the world and destroy Superman. Man you just never know!

Hey little buddy have you seen that nutty professor?