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Smallville Season Six DVD Set
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Picking up where its fifth season left off, Smallville's sixth season begins with Metropolis in ruins, Clark (Tom Welling) trapped in the Phantom Zone, and General Zod inhabiting the body of Lex (Michael Rosenbaum). Even when that situation, dubbed "Black Thursday," is over, Clark still has to capture the criminals who escaped from the Phantom Zone. Meanwhile, having driven away Lana (Kristin Kreuk), she finds comfort in the home and arms of Lex, driving further anxiety into that romantic triangle that has expanded to include Chloe (Allison Mack, still with a smile that lights up the orb on top of the Daily Planet) and her new beau, photographer Jimmy Olsen (Aaron Ashmore). And Lois (Erica Durance)? We see hints of her inevitable future in her becoming a reporter for the tabloid rag The Inquisitor ("The thrill of discovery, the clack of the keys, the scent of fresh inků I think I've finally found my calling!") and flashing some sparks with Clark especially in a Valentine's Day episode called "Crimson."

She also finds a new boyfriend in Oliver Queen (Justin Hartley), a tycoon who moves from Star City to Metropolis and revives a boarding-school rivalry with Lex. But Queen is also a superhero, the Green Arrow, and he's out to thwart Lex's project called 33.1, which runs tests on meteor-powered humans. And in an awesome episode called "Justice," the Green Arrow gathers his team--Bart Allen (Kyle Gallner), a.k.a. Impulse (a change after he was first called the Flash); Arthur "AC" Curry (Alan Ritchson), a.k.a. Aquaman; and Victor Stone (Lee Thompson Young), a.k.a. Cyborg (who had all appeared in the series before)--with Clark to shut down Lex. Yet another hero from the comic books--an interplanetary detective (Phil Morris)--helps Clark fight rogue Kryptonians. It all ends in a slam-bang finale with a number of surprises. Even though the Lana drama went on too long, Green Arrow and some choice episodes stuff made this one of Smallville's best seasons. Guest stars include Tori Spelling as a nosy gossip reporter and Lynda "Wonder Woman" Carter as Chloe's mom. --David Horiuchi

Season Six (2006-2007)
# Episode Title Writer(s) Director Air Date
111 Zod Steven S. DeKnight James Marshall Sept 28, 2006
112 Sneeze Todd Slavkin & Darren   Oct 5, 2006
113 Wither Tracy Bollomo   Oct 12, 2006
114 Arrow Kelly Souders & Brian Peterson   Oct 19, 2006
115 Reunion Steven S. DeKnight   Oct 26, 2006
116 Fallout Holly Harold     Nov 2, 2006
117 Rage   Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer   James Marshall   Nov 9, 2006
118 Static   James Morris & Shintaro Shimosawa   James Conway   Nov 16, 2006
119 Subterranean Caroline Dries Rick Rosenthal   Dec 7, 2006
120 Hydro   Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders   Tom Welling   Jan 11, 2007
121 Justice Steven S. DeKnight Steven S. DeKnight   Jan 18, 2007
122 Labyrinth Al Septien & Turi Meyer Whitney Ransick Jan 25, 2007
123 Crimson Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders Glen Winter Feb 1, 2007
124 Trespass Tracy A. Bellomo Michael Rohl Feb 8, 2007
125 Freak Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer Michael Rosenbaum Feb 15,  2007
126 Promise Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders Rick Rosenthal March 15, 2007
127 Combat Turi Meyer & Al Septien James Marshall March 22, 2007
128 Progeny Genevieve Sparling Terence O'Hara April 19,2007
129 Nemesis Caroline Dries Mairzee Almas April 26, 2007
130 Noir Brian Peterson & Kelly Souders Jeannot Szwarc May 3, 2007
131 Prototype Steven S. DeKnight Mat Beck May 10, 2007
132 Phantom Todd Slavkin & Darren Swimmer James Marshall May 17, 2007

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Smallville Season 6 DVD Wallpaper Images

Smallville's Justice League
Heroes featured in wallpaper on the left include:
Clark Kent, Aquaman, Cyborg, the Flash (Bart Allen), and GGreen Arrow from episode


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