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The Adventures of Superman Episode:
 Chuck Connors played Superman


The episode begins with Chuck Connors checking into a hotel as Sylvester J. Superman from Skunk Hollow, and Louie Leftover getting out of prison.  After threatening Clark Kent, Louie goes to his hotel where his old partner is waiting. Louie makes a bet with his bud for 25 thousand dollars over a pie.  Louie and his partner each believe they can produce a better tasting pie. Louie's would come from Margie, a girl he knew from his old neighborhood. Louie's partner would use his Aunt Tilley's pie.  Buy Superman George Reeves DVDs


Chuck bends a bar of steel!

So the quest begins for Louie to grab a pie from Margie. At the same time Margie puts an ad in the paper for Superman, hoping superman will fly one of her pie's to Alaska for her fiancée Steve.  Margie had promised Steve that her pies were only for him.  So Margie turns Louie away when he comes for a pie. Meanwhile, Chuck Connors (Sylvester Superman) answers the ad Margie placed, thinking it was for him.  Margie gives her pie to Chuck, thinking he is Superman in disguise. Chuck boards a plane for Alaska.

Later in Alaska, Chuck delivers the pie to Steve at a lone military post.
Steve can't believe that a man with a mule would bring him his fiancée's pie in a secluded spot way up in Alaska. He thinks he is dreaming. 

Here comes Louie to steal the pie.  After seizing the pie Louie takes off in his plane.  What follows is some of the most humorous dialogue one could expect from George Reeves and Chuck Connors.

 Superman arrives:

Steve: Welcome sir, it's a fast relief to realize I have gone crazy.  Now I can enjoy it.

Superman: Has he been here yet the man who wanted the pie?

Steve: Certainly he left just a few minutes ago, but don't fret I've a got a nice can of plumb pudding for you.

Superman: What kind of plane was he flying, I must have missed it?

Steve: A yellow two engine job trimmed with lace and purple polka dots.

Superman: Well I'm going after him to get to the bottom of this once and for all.

Radio Buzzes

Steve: That must be the general to tell me he's coming for lunch.

Chuck Connors (Sylvester Superman): Who are you Mister?

Superman: Never Mind about that now?

Steve: Well this sure is a realistic nightmare.  That was the man who stole the pie.

Superman: I know, his plane was forced down with ice on his wings, and he held up with a portable transmitter in a ice cave, which fell in on him.

Chuck: How could he hear that, I couldn't hear nothing?

Superman leaves out the door and flies away

Chuck(Sylvester Superman): Wow if that don't beat all. He just jumped in the air and kept on going.

Steve: You mean that's unusual.

Chuck (Sylvester Superman): Well, ain't it?

Superman picks up Louie at the ice cave and brings Louie and the cake back to Steve's post.

Chuck comments: You'd better be careful mister, your liable to get hurt flying around like that.

Chuck takes Louie back to Metropolis. Louie turns over a new leaf and everybody is happy once again in Metropolis and Alaska.

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